Friday, May 7, 2010

33 Weeks - 7 to go!

33 weeks today - can you believe it! I can't!

This week so far has been a mixed bag. It started off well - Hike on Monday and Pilates on Wednesday, but since then it has been a struggle.

Work has been frantic: Mum was away at my Uncle's 80th birthday so I had to cover her lessons and one of my other tutors broke her hand while having skiing lessons at Hillend, poor thing, so I started the week with a re-juggle.

Good things about the business of the week are:
I have got CVs for 3 good admin candidates and the contact that has organised that needs help for her son so we may have another student as a result!
In addition it looks like I may have a maths tutor lined up - he is coming in on Tuesday, so hopefully he is suitable.
That is 2 huge jobs that need to be done and they are nearly there!

I got no sleep last night as I was dreaming about organising next week. I'm meeting the maths tutor on Tuesday and need to interview admin candidates. If I'm organised and they are available I could do that on Wed. That would be good as I could then have the admin assisitant start the following week and gives me time to train them before I leave. Actually as I look at the dates, I really need to do that! TICK TOCK!

Anyhoo on Wed I had my 32 week midwife appointment. All is well and I'm glad to report baby's head is downwards so hopefully it stays that way! Heart rate was really strong and I can't believe how much my uterus has grown - 4cm in 4 weeks!

This week it has been hard to exercise, but maybe it is just one of those weeks. I will definitely be getting a run on Sunday and I will try to do something later today - just too sleepy this morning after a late night home last night.

Right, lunch and then the joys of the end of tax year accounts and payroll await! Oh how lucky I am!

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  1. i'm so jealous!!! Ahh I'm ready to be done. :)