Friday, April 30, 2010

32 weeks and still running!

I hit 32 weeks on Friday - only 8 weeks to go to my due date!

That is very exciting, but also terrifying as I feel like I still have so much to do! I do feel like I've got through quite a bit this week at work, but I can see the weeks flying by! ONE JOB AT A TIME! ONE JOB AT A TIME! is most definitely my mantra at the mo'

Missing my running, but still running: confused?

I've really been missing my running the past few days. I had a good hike on Monday and a really good gym session on Thursday, but I miss pushing myself hard or running for several hours out in the hills. I know I'll get back to it soon enough blah blah blah, but I keep thinking this time last year I had improved so much and had achieved something I always secretly hoped I could do, but never thought I would. I guess that that means that I can do anything I put my mind to in the future, but I just miss it at the mo'!

I must remember I wrote this when my legs are scunnered and the fire and choc seems far more appealing than dragging my butt out the door for another run! Ha ha - how fickle we are although it is usually crappy weather that makes me feel ugh - running in the sun never feels like hard work!

I guess the good thing about the enforced back off is that it makes you realise how much you enjoy something and totally refreshes your batteries. I'm a big believer in having some time off or a change to renew your energies - however perhaps 9 months is overdoing things a bit! Hee hee!

Despite all that I am so chuffed to have got out for a 5 mile run yesterday + warm up/cool down. It has been a few weeks since I actually run (busy hiking or at the gym etc) and I actually thought that I had reached the end so to speak, however I was really desperate to get out with the club and try one more time.

Al and I headed to the club speed session which starts at 10am. I find this a really good time because I can get something to eat and have time to get hydrated before we go.

I headed off a bit early to get my walking warm up in and then set off with everyone as they did their first interval - I even managed to keep up - well it was only a minute and then they walked it out for a minute - so no wonder I kept up! That said, however I was surprised that with my steady plod I was never that far behind them after their recoveries! It was only when I stopped to have a wee chat with a friend that I bumped into that I completely lost everyone. Even with that though I arrived back to 'The beach' just as everyone was steadily working their way back to the car park! I felt really good so Al came round for a second lap so that I could do at least 5 miles.

The best thing was that I actually felt really comfortable - more so than other runs I've been on earlier in the pregnancy - my stomach muscles were fine (although tired at the end of the day - but we did go to IKEA in the afternoon), my breathing felt comfortable and my left knee only just niggled right at the end when I was about to stop and do my cool down. The tightest thing was the tendons that attach at the top of your quads at the front, but was helped when I relaxed my stride (they are a little sore today, but nothing major - just a but fatigued).

I didn't get my second Pilates session done this week, but I am so pleased to have got a run in and get my 3 cardio session done. In addition I have coped much better at work this week and we got the spare room ready today to be able to put the new storage furniture up tomorrow (Al is off for the early May hol) and put everything away - another job checked off the list. I can't do everything and sometimes things needs to be re prioritised - like I said earlier - ONE JOB AT A TIME!

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  1. don't worry - you'll get back to it sooner than you know -you're doing great! I can't believe only 8 weeks to go!