Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dummy run to Hospital + Glen Clova

When Al and I got up this morning we decided that we should go and do a dummy run to the maternity ward. We also really wanted to go for a run so we decided to head up North of Dundee once we found the hospital and discover pastures new so...

Thanks to Al's prolific google mapping prior to leaving, we were able to find the midwife unit fairly easily. It took 50 minutes, but then you can only park at the unit for a max of 2 hours so with factoring Al heading back to park the car in the longer stay car park and then having to walk back, I think we should assume an hour. I hadn't been nearly as worried about finding it as Al, but now that we've done it I definitely feel a sense of reassurance.

That done we found somewhere for lunch and then headed North to Glen Clova. The club do a half Marathon there in November but Al and I have never been. It is a beautiful glen, but I reckon the race must be a bit brutal as it undulates like crazy - definitely not a PB course.

We decided to run along a route that followed the South Esk river. If you follow it all the way you reach Loch Muick and then Ballater - now that'd be a good run!

Looking Up The Glen Before We Started

Anyhoo the trail was really good for the first part,but then became springy grass - which was lovely- but then the path became quite rocky which coincided with it steadily climbing. I felt quite tight chested today so even at my most comfortable I was really very slow, but once it started climbing it was back to 'power walking' although not very powerfully! We reached where a river coming down one of the mountains crosses the path, had a wee sit down and then headed back down as that would make a nice 5 mile out and back.

'Running' on the Good Trail

Looking back down the valley and the springy grass

Just before we started plugging up hence still smiling!

I thought I'd be happy to run down but between the baby bouncing on my bladder and the dodgy footing it was back to walking. I enjoyed the run back out though once we had hit the flat again. Despite the wind in our faces on the way back it felt easier than on the way in. It wasn't my finest run, but do you know what - I was out getting sun, fresh air and exercise in amongst some of the most beautiful scenery and it really cheered the soul.

Crossing the river where the running started to get easier again.

Near the end of the glen is the Glen Clova Hotel which is really nice. The climbers' bar is dead sweet and Al and I both said we'd reckon it would be a great place to stay. On the way back we popped in to the Hotel for a drink. We'd have had food but there was a staff wedding on so no evening meals were being served - oh well - darn - we'll have to return!

The Climbers' Bar

We were totally blessed with the weather too - a cool breeze, but the sun was warm. It really reminded us of a trek we did in NZ that followed one river through the outward valley and another river through the return valley. Very peaceful indeed.

Meeting Mums

Yesterday I had my NHS breastfeeding class. I really swithered about going as I thought I could go down to the centre and get some work done, but then I felt I'd get more of the stuff I wanted done down at the centre at a weekend with Al's help to sort and lift. Plus one of the main reasons for going to the NHS ones was to meet some mums. Well there were only 4 of us yesterday and because of that it was a really informal class. 2 of the girls that were there were 2 I had talked to at the other classes as we were sitting near each other and the other one knew one of the girls from school. Anyway as it was so informal we were talking about a lot of things and it came up how it is hard to meet other folk the same age or to know where to go to meet mums etc and so we all swapped numbers and are going to meet up when we are all on maternity leave. We are all due within about a week of each other so I'm sure we could be of invaluable morale support! It is a bit of a relief because it is really nice to have girl friends to meet up with and have a giggle with.

The morale of the story is... work will get done - take the time to smell the coffee and enjoy the other opportunities presented!


  1. once you are home w/ baby it is sooo easy to meet people - at the park, out on walks.. making mom friends is great and easy. Glad your trip of practice went well (to the mat. ward. I think you are having a boy. :)