Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well yesterday I did my interviews for my admin assistant and I'm glad to say they went really well. The candidates were good but 1 stood out and so she should be starting on Tuesday for training. It is such a huge relief and afterwards I had that nervous tension relief tiredness you often get after an exam or competition.

A potential Maths tutor came in to discuss working at the centre on Tues and he was highly suitable so will be coming in a week on Wed to get some training on the resources. This too is a huge relief as I have my senior maths tutor sorted for next year.

These are 2 huge tasks that needed to be done and I'm so pleased.

NCT classes and NHS classes

We had our last NCT class on Monday. A couple with a 12 week baby came in to tell us about their experiences. It was really useful and interesting and their baby was gorgeous - born at 4lb10 had managed to double its weight to 10lbs and so at 12 weeks was still v v small. We then did some stuff on post labour which was really useful - particularly that wee one needs to have 2 sets of jags before you can take it swimming.

Today I had an NHS class run by a physio. IT was really useful - all sorts of things on birthing positions and breathing and postnatal exercises. The best thing was that there were only 3 of us so it was really relaxing and we were able to ask lots of questions without feeling embarrassed.

I have my NHS breastfeeding class tomorrow and although I've had one with NCT I'm going to go as 1) I'm starting to get to know a few faces and 2) I find that there is always extra information that didn't come up at another class.


So far I've had a good week.

On Monday my friend Wendy and I met for a walk/hike of about 3.5 miles around the knock and wishing well and then went for coffee. It was so good to meet up as I was feeling a bit out of the loop. I would say that has been the hardest thing about being pregnant - not being able to run with my mates and just generally feeling a bit estranged from everyone.

On Tuesday I did 50minutes Pilates. With 4 pillows the core workout was a lot better.

This morning (Thursday) after Mass (Ascension) mum and I went to her gym and I did a 60 minute workout (equiv to 5 miles). We then had a lovely lunch together before I headed off to my class. I must say after last nights lack of sleep and yesterday's interviews I am rather glad I scheduled a day off for myself to re charge the batteries before the final stretch - especially given that my lack of sleep has resulted in a sty and I could clearly need some relaxation time.

I think there is a hill session scheduled for Sat, but as there is also the Loch Leven Half and various folk will be running that there probably won't be any one there. Plus hill reps are no good for me so I shall see what Al wants to do. If he wants to do the hill reps I'll plod around Lady Mary's on my own, but if he'd like to come out with me and inject his own intervals / fartlek run then that would be great too.

I'm working from home tomorrow so it should be easy enough to squeeze in my Pilates.

34 weeks tomorrow - 6 to go!!!!!!

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