Friday, May 21, 2010

35 Weeks + Pic!

I definitely feel like I am getting close now - not just because of my wee scare yesterday, but just my general uncomfortableness. I assumed I'd be tickety boo today even though I had been very uncomfortable in the night. However despite experiencing no cramping, my belly is just so heavy now that the lower muscles have to work really hard whenever I stand up and so I feel quite sore underneath my bump and as it pulls forward my back really aches.

As I had been awake quite a stretch in the night I decided if I slept in then I would just chill in the morning before meeting friends for lunch. I did manage to catch up on some sleep so chill out I did. I then had a lovely lunch with 3 other harriers sitting out in the sun - boy you feel the heat when preggers!

In the afternoon I took my laptop and folders outside and got a whole heap of work done which has helped my stress levels a bit and I think I'll feel a lot better after going down the centre tomorrow with Al and getting various things done. I was getting very uncomfortable again so thought I'd break up sitting in front of the laptop with some housework. Hung up washing, hoovered, put some washing loads on etc. I had to stop after that as tummy was very sore and as for my back...

I finished work at about 6pm and when Al got home we had dinner outside in the gorgeous sun. Only thing was, my back was so sore I just couldn't get comfy to eat. I'm really wondering how long I will last. I really want to complete this week and it would be quite nice to have at least a week off. By then I'll be 37 weeks and full term so if I need to go into labour then so be it especially if this discomfort continues! If however I start to feel a little better then 2 weeks off would be really good.

The best thing about yesterday is that Al's work has agreed that he can work from home soon so that he is home when labour kicks off. Up until now they had kept saying no and as it takes Al 2 hours to get back home and then it takes us 1 hour to get to the hospital we were a bit worried about how to organise it all. I think yesterday made them think about it though and they have changed their minds, so bonus!

Any hoo here is a pic of me and my big, big belly!

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