Thursday, May 20, 2010

34 Week Midwife Appointment

So baby brain is really starting to kick in; Al needed the car so he could do the Kinoull Hill race yesterday evening. He needed to be able to drive straight from the train station in the evening so took the car first thing.

Yesterday morning I got up, showered, had breaky and picked up the car keys to drive to my midwife appointment... yup, doh! Finally realised that I had no transport. Buses through the village are like gold dust so public transport was out of the question. I realised only a few mins before I had to leave so it was too late to phone mum and see if she could give me lift. I totally didn't know what to do and then I thought - 'my mate Liz, I'm meeting her for coffee after, I wonder if she could come and get me.' The angel jumped in the car and arrived 10 mins later with wet hair and took me to my appointment! Thanks so much Liz! Needless to say coffee was on me after!

I really didn't want to miss my appointment as it was the week to go through the birthing plan, so that is all sorted.
Everything was fine with me and baby's heart rate was good and strong. The mid wife I saw yesterday was the one who took our NHS classess and is really nice so she left the heart doppler on for a while to just listen to it. - love it!
Uterus had grown 3 cms in 2 weeks! No wonder I'm getting less and less elegant! I even toppled forward on Tuesday when squatting down to pick up yet another thing I had dropped on the floor!
Baby's head is 3/5ths engaged apparently - yikes! Please give me at least a week to recover from work - mummy needs some rest!

35 weeks tomorrow. Will try and take a belly photo for posterity!


Had a great Pilates session on Tuesday. It was a gorgeous day so I took my laptop, DVD, mat and pillows outside and did it in the sun. Now that is the way to do Pilates! My core workout is hilarious now, but I just do the moves I can do and adjust the ones I can't.

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