Monday, May 17, 2010


Finally the Nursery is finished! It is so cute I could cry! Yes pregnancy hormones are raging!

We are so lucky because all the gorgeous posters are courtesy of my amazing Aunty Prue who is an artist. She ran her own business (Prue Thoebolds) before retiring, specialising in cards, posters, books etc, etc that centre on a bear theme.

I LOVE the 2 posters to the left. They are 1) a snowy mountain summit with "What goes up..."

and 2) a grassy mountain base with "...must come down!

She sent us loads of her books too. They are just so cute - Ten Tired Teddies, The Teddy Bears' Picnic, Colours with Teddy, Numbers with Teddy... you get the idea.

You can see them in the photo below held steady by her book ends!

Thanks so much Aunty Prue and Uncle Chris!


Had a great swim this morning. So did not fancy any bouncing about on my belly and really wanted to get rid of the weight of it for a wee while.
Did 100 lengths (2km).
It took me 65 mins so was a bit slower than before but I think that is mainly because I couldn't push hard off the wall any more and I feel like I get a stitch if I breathe too deeply!