Friday, February 12, 2010

I Felt My Baby!

3 am Wake-up Call!

This morning I was woken up at 3 am (Friday 12th Feb) by a little baby making itself known to me.

I had thought I felt it yesterday morning,; but as I was on my own and again had just woken up I ended up convincing myself that I had imagined it; but this morning there was absolutely no denying it so I woke Al up and put his hand on my belly. He was a smidge confused at being woken up at 3 am, but fortunately babba saved me from a "what the heck did you wake me for?" and gave another hearty kick. Well that woke Al up. He was so excited and couldn't believe it and quickly forgave me for disturbing his sleep.

What a special thing carrying a baby is. Sometimes I can't get my head around the fact that only 21 weeks ago there was no life and now there is another human being growing and developing inside me. I know it's obvious, but there will be a new little person out in the world come June- a total miracle and I really feel so blessed.

Strange Week

I had planned to do my Pilates on Tues but by the time I had done household chores, visited a mate, gone for my scan, gone for cake to celebrate (absolutely compulsory), cooked dinner I felt shattered. I think it was the nervous energy that I had had been carrying around while waiting to hear wee-one was safe and sound. I hadn't realised I had been worried and I think afterwards I just felt - phew - relax. Therefore I did my Pilates on wed morning instead.

I had planned to do my spin yesterday, but woke up pretty pooped which confused me as I hadn't been to work on Tuesday and then I realised I always feel drained after interviewing and training which is what I had been doing at work on Wednesday. I like to meet potential staff and tell them about the centre, but I prefer to watch tutors in action as I think it gives me a far better sense of how they will be with the children; however it is exhausting demonstrating how things work and teaching in front of a tutor and then keeping an eye on them working with a student to gauge how the kids are responding. Any way needs must as I need to start putting things in place for when I won't be there. Therefore I decided to give it a skip which is probably just as well as couple of our friends are coming for a visit on Sunday and it would be nice to be able to go out for a hike with them.

So today it will be Pilates and tomorrow my 5 mile run as planned, then a hike on Sunday.

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  1. The first kick is a very special moment. Hold that thought when you're 42 weeks pregnant and he/she is dancing on your bladder, kicking you in the ribs and turning round making your belly look like it's about burst open and produce an alien!

    But it's worth it :)

    Ali x