Monday, February 8, 2010

Plan for 8th-14th February

Monday Club Run - 4 miles

I had a rubbish night's sleep last night - really restless from 3 - 5.45am. Finally dropped off to sleep after Al's alarm went off so was a bit sleepy this morning to say the least. Had planned to get to club early and do warm up before everyone arrived, but for some reason everyone else decided to be early! Did the same run as last week; along Lady Mary's; up Laggan hill at a walk; back down Laggan hill. I then headed back along the road (Laggan Rd I think it is called) to the houses to add on the extra 0.5 miles instead of where I went last week which was nicer. Oh and my new sport's bra is fab - very little movement!

Other workouts planned are:
2 x 30 minutes Pilates (Tue and Fri)
1 x 40 or 45 min bike ride (Thurs)
1 x 5 mile run (Sat)

This Sat is the monthly time trial which is 5 miles so I thought I would set off before everyone else and they can lap me as I plod round.

I cannot wait until tomorrow's scan. So excited to see wee Babba Bean again and to be reassured everything is going on OK. I think everything is, as my bump is growing, but it will be nice to have it confirmed.

My sister popped in yesterday which was so lovely as I haven't seen her since before Christmas and so she hadn't seen bump yet. She was very excited to see bump and it made me realise how much I have grown since Christmas.

Mum and Bump at 20 weeks 3 days

I did my food shopping on-line yesterday and so it will be delivered today between 12 and 2pm. It was a bit of a pest setting it up yesterday, but I think next time will be a lot easier as it saves your favourites and you just delete or add as required. The best thing is you can see your subtotal so can keep on budget and not buy extra rubbish that you just don't need. I reckon that despite having to pay delivery it is still cheaper than driving back and forth to Perth. I think I will do a 'big' shop that is delivered once or twice a month and then just do Somerfield in Crieff like before. we'll see.

OK, chores and work are awaiting.

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