Thursday, February 18, 2010

Swimming Costume Hilarity!

Plan For The Week.

I've been feeling very tired this week with a stuffy nose and just a bit below par. It's hard to tell if I actually have a bug as I've had a stuffy nose for most of my pregnancy. I didn't do anything on Monday or Tuesday to give myself a proper rest after my busy weekend and hoped that would help, but even yesterday I felt pretty whacked. I had a report to do for a child in the morning, but I managed to squeeze in my Pilates (30 mins) as I hoped it would pep me up. It kind of did, but I definitely had to take it easy and I did feel pretty tired at work. I think this week I need to just play it by ear and make decisions daily as whether to do any exercise or not.

On Thursdays my mum goes to an aqua fit class at her lovely gym and so I joined her this morning to do some laps while she is doing her class (there are 2 pools). I was quite looking forward to it actually as I hadn't swum in ages. I used to swim a lot but since stopping my gym membership over a year ago I haven't been. I could go to the local pool, but just haven't got into the habit of doing it. The thing I wasn't looking forward to though was wearing my swimmers. I tried my proper suit on last night. Oh my God, what a scream! I could barely get it on. This is hardly surprising really as it is an age 10 (the joys of being a short a#@*e) and simply looked ridiculous over my bump and breasts. Breathing was a bit of an optional extra in the suit so I swiftly abandoned that idea and moved on to my bikini. I can't get used to having rounded boobs above my bikini top and then of course my belly is out on show for all to see. It is a lovely belly, if I do say so myself, very firm and round, but well, I feel a little bit exposed to say the least. It was hard enough when we went out for dinner on Sat and people were looking as my belly was quite prominent in the dress I was wearing. Anyhoo I was rescued as they sell swimmers at the club and so I took the executive decision that a purchase was allowable.

I had a great swim. At first I was a bit worried it would drag, but the 45 mins soon went in. My workout was as follows:

10 lengths warm up (7xFront Crawl -FC and 3xBack Crawl - BC)
4 lengths kick board(FC legs)
6 lengths arms only with leg float (2xBreast Stroke - BS, 2xFC, 2xBC)
4 x kick board
10 lengths hard (7FC,3BC)
4x kick board
6x arms (3xBS, 3xBC)
4x kick board
10 lengths hard (7FC, 3BC)
2x kick board
2x legs (2BS)
2x kick board
6x lengths hard (4FC, 2BC)
2x kick board
8 lengths cool down (5FC, 3BC)
Total:80 lengths x 20m = 1600m

According to runner's world, a pool swim is equivalent to 4x the running distance therefore my swim was equivalent to about a 4 mile run.

Not bad for my first swim in a long time and I feel confident that an hours workout (100 lengths or 2km) will be easy to build up to. Even better is that I feel good for doing it - much better than I felt after Pilates yesterday. How strange pregnancy is - perhaps I was just tired! I must admit it was nice being in the water as your belly just isn't an issue. Felt very chilly after though. Thank heavens for the lovely hot showers there. Perhaps that's what is putting me off going to the local leisure pool!

Tomorrow if I feel up for it I will head out for a run. If it's raining however I may opt for the bike!

At the weekend I'm heading up North to see my sister so we may get out for a walk or do some sort of exercise if she fancies it too, but perhaps not. I'm happy to go with the flow this week. I'm really looking forward to having a girly weekend with my sis as it's been a while.

OK, must head out to work - gosh, it's been a long week! Roll on Easter hols!

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