Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Endorphins always do the trick!

Tuesday - 4 mile run

I was determined to get out and do some sort of exercise yesterday. It was an absolutely cracking day - blue skies, hard frost, sun shining.

I'm finding I'm having to leave quite a while for my food to digest before running or I suffer with nasty heartburn. Giving myself a few hours also means I can get enough water down before my run without also causing heartburn (the joys!) so I finally got out at about 11.30pm ish which is quite tight for getting to work, but I was determined to go out and if I had to rush, so be it.

I had a 5 minute walking warm up from the house and then ran out from the village along what I call the flat triangle route. I hit the junction and was feeling OK, so headed on for about another mile. Now I call this route the flat triangle, but I'm not altogether sure that I should keep doing that because the base of the triangle is actually quite hilly and I needed to break in to a walk. Now I understand why if I'm doing that route fast (it is a good indicator of my fitness) it hurts at that point!
After about 22 minutes out, I headed back home back along the same route as I didn't want to do the full route and also meant I kept on the quieter road. It took me 23 mins to get back as I always forget it is a bit more uphill on the way back and I really wanted to take it steady.
It felt so good to be out running in the sun, looking over to the snowy mountains. In the sun it was so warm I was in my t-shirt. Endorphins and sunshine - fab cocktail to chase those blues away! I finished off with a 5 minute walking cool down.

Not bad at all - 4 miles, 45 mins running, 55 minutes workout time.

I don't feel any more tired than I usually do today so I'm glad I went out, especially given that it is piling down with snow today. Now today I'm glad of the indoor exercise option! Getting to work will probably be a nightmare. Mum's just phoned to say she's putting the car up to the end of the drive as it is drifting at theirs. Nevermind - all part of the adventure that is rural living.

Plan for the week

Take each day as it comes, bit will hopefully involve, Pilates, Spinning, a swim (if it is not too snowy tomorrow) and a hike or run on Sunday.


  1. take each day as it comes is a GREAT perspective to take. I remember breaking down crying one day that I couldn't run but the next day I was fine! I thought it was the end. Great job - it sounds like a nice run! Too bad you got all the snow :(

  2. I keep leaving messages on your blog, but they don't appear. I'm either doing it wrong or you find them offensive :-) Hopefully not the latter :-)

    Anyway, what I tip for heartburn (which def confirms it's a boy btw!!) is Gaviscon Double Action. It's magical :-)

    Debs xx