Saturday, February 6, 2010

Halfway There and New Bras!

Halfway There

I can't believe it; I'm 20 weeks already - half way there! Yikes! Actually I'm really enjoying it now (most of the time). We have our 20 week scan on Tues and I'm so excited - I just can't wait to see little babba bean again. We won't be finding out the sex as we want a surprise and it really will be a surprise as I have absolutely no feeling either way whether it is a boy or a girl.

My Longest Run Yet

Today I got up and went to Saturday's club run. There was a pyramid speed session planned (2, 3 , 4 , 5, 5, 4, 3, 2 mins fast with half time recovery in between), but of course needless to say, I wasn't signing up for that; however it worked out really well as the club (Will and Phill M - poor show really) would head off along Lady Mary's for their allotted time and when they had reached the end of LM would turn around and do their next intervals on the way back. This meant that I could turn around when they reached me on their return leg. This went on until all their intervals were done and meant I was running back and forth along LM from 'the beach' for 45 mins. As I had run for 5 mins to reach the beach, it meant I did a total of 50 mins. I really enjoyed it because the guys could get in their workout, but I knew there was someone not very far away in case of any problems. Although slightly repetitive, it is hardly a hardship to run along a tree lined trail that follows the course of the River Earn. It also meant I could shout encouragement to the guys as they ran past.
I reckon that even at my slowest pace estimation I must have done at least 4.5 miles, half a mile up from Monday. I'm really chuffed because although I was pretty darned hungry at the end and a wee bit tired after lunch I was able to get my self out and head down to Stirling for some shopping.

New Bras and Shopping

I really needed to get re-measured for a bra as my sis was convinced they had done it incorrectly last time - she was right, so I am now the ?proud? owner of a 32D bra!!!!!! That is some growth from barely an A cup! In addition I wanted to get a good sport's bra as my normal ones are hardly appropriate.The best thing is my bra is really comfy now it is fitting correctly. My previous ones had been doing my head in, but I thought it was just a consequence of having boobs that actually need a little support. It still makes me laugh to feel them 'bouncing'. It's so funny - not something I usually experience!
I also wanted to get some clothes for work as my bump is pretty prominent now and while all my tops fit in terms of arms etc they are beginning to get a little short as they stretch over wee bambino; however I just didn't like most of the stuff - I did find a nice cardy but that was it. It was at about this point that I started to seriously flag, so it could have been that I just couldn't be bothered searching properly. A bottle of water seemed to sort me out, however so I must have just been thirsty rather than overdoing it.

40 mins Spin

I realised that last week I actually did 40 mins on the bike not 45, so that is what I did on Thurs as I didn't want to change too much in 1 week and I felt increasing my runs was enough. Any way I did the equivalent of a 4 mile run on my bike so my mileage this week has been at least 12 miles! My spin was great, actually and the best thing was that I was quite tired in the morning and was a little worried about overdoing things, but I genuinely think it pepped me up and I was able to cope fine at work; tired at the end, but not like last week. I have been making sure I have been getting something to eat before teaching starts as I think that is what totally killed me off last week. I'm pretty good with eating regularly most of the time, but if you miss time eating at work, you're scuppered.

Just Pilates to do tomorrow and another good week.

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