Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sick Murray and Mummy.

Ugh I don't feel well. I've been shattered all week and by Thursday I was beyond tired. Unfortunately this coincided with Murray not feeling very well. The poor wee thing gurned and cried his way through the day. I couldn't put him down. I gave him some calpol which he promptly threw up a long with his feed - ugh - it was like the early days all over again. I was so tired I chickened out of bed time routine and popped Murray in the car and went to pick up Al from the train station so he could help when we got back. Although the day was pretty hideous 2 great things happened: 1) Al sent me 20 red roses! Gorgeous!  and 2) I was sensible enough to ask if Al could take the Friday off and he could.

We were both glad he was off when that night we were up to 1am trying to de stuff Murray's nose as he kept waking himself up crying as he couldn't breathe (sitting in the bathroom with hot taps on full! We now have some drops that we can put on a cloth near his bed.). Al let me sleep in on Friday and I slept until 11am!!!!!!!!!!!! I really was tired. I felt so groggy on Friday, but figured a chilled out day with Al's help would sort me out. I did feel a lot better on Sat so went out for a run but it was a real slog as Tuesday had been. Despite that and despite having to dive through a beech hedge to get away from some angry cows - OMG - it had been great to get out as it was gorgeous weather - a bit of a change from the past 4 days of black skies and rain. Anyway I thought it had been a good idea, but last night my right gland was sore and I knew I'd wake up feeling crap and sure enough I do. I had promised Al a lie in this morning so I dragged myself up and did first feed so Al could get some sleep. I am now firmly ensconced in the sofa with fruit juice, tea, blanket, pills while Al is out with Murray for a walk.

Needless to say I've not done as well on the old exercise front but none the less I've still done the following:

Mon: 30km spin
Tue: 6 mile run (v slow, a real slo and I am not going any further for at least a month)
Wed: 60 mins Pilates
Sat: 6 mile run (A slog again but pleased with ability to run hills) + 3 mile walk

Sun: Lift tea and lemisp to lips! LOL!

Here's hoping both Mray and I feel better soon.


  1. Feel better both of you!!

  2. Lemsip . . . that'll do it! :) Hope you're feeling better.