Friday, October 15, 2010

A Great Week!

I've had a great exercise week. I don't know if next week will be as good, so I'm just enjoying a good week just now. Since Murray's been here I've definitely found myself grabbing the moment as I don't know if I'll get a chance tomorrow!

Mon: at least 3 mile run + 3 mile hilly walk w/out buggy
Tue: 50 mins Pilates + at least 3 mile hilly walk with buggy
Wed: 30km (~ 6 mile run) spin + 3 mile walk with buggy + 10 mins Abs Pilates
Thurs: 20 mins Pilates + 3 mile hilly walk with buggy
Fri: 30km (#6mile run) spin

Sat: run - at least 3 miles, prob nearer 4 + if time 30 - 50 mins Pilates
Sun: rest.

Weekly mileage has been 27 already and so a v least will be 30! The walking is great as it is good for us both to get the fresh air and helps to build up the mileage gently without too much strain on my body.

Target next week is to link longer block of running together for one run and for the other, poss get out with buggy so the blocks will prob need to be shorter - we'll see how we go.

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