Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well Done Me - nothing like positive affirmations to give your self a boost!


A great week so far:
Mon: 50 mins Pilates + 3 mile walk with buggy
Tue: 60 minute spin (30km = 6 mile run) + 3 mile walk with buggy
Wed: 30 mins Pilates
Thursday: 4.5 mile run (3 x 10 min running blocks with 4 min recoveries + 2 min jog cool down)

Friday: I hope to do another spin tomorrow which will take mileage to 20.5
Sat: I hope to do 50 mins Pilates

I really enjoyed my run this morning. It really felt like proper running! Definitely at my limit though so steady, steady.

Rather Proud of Myself

Al's back from his course and off for the next few days. I am rather proud of myself for coping without him, especially given that Murray threw up loads yesterday - we are talking porridge lava flowing out of his mouth. I had to go home from my friend's house in her clothes as not only did Murray need changed, so did I. My friend is quite a bit taller than me (well most folk are) so her track pants were dragging along the ground as I walked up the street to my car! OMG I looked ridiculous. He then did a repeat effort at bed time - honestly I was so over the puking. We had been trying to wean him off the gaviscon but b#@@er that, especially as it is his Baptism on Sunday - I don't think the Canon would appreciate porridge puke flowing into the baptismal font!

It's going to be a busy few days as Al's parents arrive tomorrow afternoon and then we will pick up his sister from the airport on Saturday. The baptism is on Sunday so my family and friends will be arriving and then on Monday Al's family head home. In addition to that, I need to get Murray an outfit - I had bought one online, but when it arrived he was swamped in it, so I'll be hitting the shops big time tomorrow in order to get him and myself an outfit and do the food shop. Thankfully I can leave Murray with Al or I would never get it all done!

Physio Appointment

I have my appointment with my women's health physio tomorrow to check how everything is doing. I know things are very much improving, but I do have a few queries so it will be good to see her.


  1. More puke!! My friend's baby pulled the same thing a couple of days ago (in her perfect outfit, looking super cute), just as they were about to head out the door to work/day care she ups a 6oz bottle all over herself - smiling upon completion. Since my friend is a super mama, she had her cleaned up and out the door and still managed to get to work on time. You should be so proud!! Congrats on the run too!