Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spin + Puke!


Today I had planned to go for a run so Al did first feed while I had breaky so I could get out before Mass. Just as I was about to go out I looked out and the weather was awful. If I was just running I'd have probably forced myself out, but with walking breaks I just thought - ugh! I REALLY wanted a workout so I wondered if I could manage my spinning bike and as it turned out it was fine and I was able to do the whole spinning DVD which gave me a great workout. I did 30km (equivalent of a 6 mile run) which brought my weekly mileage up to 20 miles so was well chuffed.


Poor Murray threw up big style last night and was then really upset after (when he's thrown up in the past he's been all smiles) and as he had been rather cranky all day I was quite worried. It took quite a while to calm him but eventually we did and he took a feed and got him settled. Apparently babies can throw up when they teeth. He was really in gum pain again this afternoon after Al had left but a dose of calpol took the edge off I think. I was a bit concerned he was going to be like that all afternoon(thank goodness my sis was here) but the calpol calmed him a bit. He fed well tonight and is now in bed - phew!


  1. You're so lucky to have a spin bike! They cancelled spin classes at my gym 2 weeks after I joined :( Sorry to hear about the vomit - I've had it on my ages newborn to 3 years (the 3 is much worse!! :)).

  2. that sounds great!! at least you didnt throw up...kara throws up all the time.