Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jabs, Teething, Exercise, Admin Assistant + Home Alone


Murray had his 2nd set of jabs on Wednesday (12 weeks + 6 days). The health Visitors hand slipped a bit as Murray moved just at the wrong moment so I nipped a wee bit I think judging by the scream that erupted from his toes. He screamed so loud he was sweating! A wee dose of Calpol when we got home and he was sparko for 2.5 hours. When he woke up all was forgotten and he was on good form!


Murray has had a mixed week - Tuesday was really grizzly, so much so I thought I was going to have to cancel meeting my running friends for afternoon tea at a lovely hotel. In the end I went and while not on his best form was OK. He was pretty grizzly on Thursday pm too which confused me as he had slept in the car to and from meeting with my mum friends and then again today he's been grizzly and hot (he's been hot all week actually - not feverish but just running warm) and then when I changed his nappy today, it was soooo stinky and I remembered the HV saying teething can do that, so I had a look in his mouth and sure enough he had wee white spots on his top gum. He has been drooling like crazy and is chomping down on anything that comes near his mouth. Poor wee thing. Trouble is - how long does it go on for?


It's been a pretty good week. Now I'm not expressing in the morning I've got more Pilates in.

Mon: 2240m swim (5.5 miles)
Tue: 50 min Pilates
Wed: Rest
Thurs: 50 min Pilates + 4.5 mile walk
Fri: 4.3 mile Run/walk (28 mins running in 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2 min blocks. 4 min walk warm up / 2 min walk cool down + walking blocks of 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 mins) Total time out = 45 mins. I'm quite pleased that my running must be at a reasonable pace as that is just over 10 minute miles including my walking. The last 2 mins were not speedy though as I felt pooped and I actually feel quite sore (legs) today. I don't care about sore legs though - that is just fitness, I'm just pleased that everything else is behaving!
Sat: I had thought I'd go for a walk but to be honest my legs are really quite sore and I feel quite tired so thought my body could do with the rest.
Sun: I hope to get out for something tomorrow to bring weekly mileage up to at least 18 so that I've averaged 20 miles over the last 2 weeks.

Admin Assistant

Al took the day off yesterday so that I could go down the centre and train up my new admin assistant. I hated being away from Murray and getting back after he was in bed. I do not want to go back in Jan but hey ho. I'm hoping to phase back in and do only 2 days at first. It also made me realise how much stuff I need to catch up and I came home feeling a smidge stressed. It is horrible leaving things in other folks' hands. Nevermind, I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

Home Alone

Al goes down to London for a training course tomorrow until Wednesday night so I will be home alone - yikes! I hope Murray's gums aren't too sore!


  1. woo hoo you are doing great!

  2. Bleugh - ignore the work thing. It will figure itself out and you do have until January, so heaps of time (really!). Can't fathom swimming 5.5 miles - amazing!