Saturday, October 23, 2010

Il y a du neige sur les montagnes!

We woke up - well actually we woke up to Murray's chattering at 4.50am, but on managing to successfully ignore that and thus him fall back asleep - we re-awoke to snow on the mountains today - absolutely cracking!
As a result I had breaky and got dressed in my full length running trousers and headed out to tackle the 10k route for the first time. I am very chuffed to report I made it round and even managed to run the hills except for one when I was taking a walking break. I am almost there - next time I could probably run the whole route - not breaking any speed (fast speed that is) records - but run it none the less. I have been constantly amazed at how much improvement I feel  each week. I suspect in a few of weeks I will be running for that distance and not even be aware of anything any more which is really, really great. In many ways it has been good that I've not been able to get straight back to it as I have built up really steadily and only been out twice a week for the past couple of weeks which I am sure has helped prevent (fingers crossed) any injuries developing. I want to get my running up to at least 3 times a week and plateau at that stage for a while to let my body adjust and then I can start building miles very gradually to develop my aerobic base.

So to surmise my exercise week has been really good again (despite Murray's sleep routine changing somewhat and his feeding being very odd too):

Monday: 33km spin - equiv to 6.5 mile run + 4 mile walk with buggy
Tuesday: 50 mins Pilates + 3 mile walk with buggy
Wednesday: 30km spin - equiv to 6 mile run
Thursday: 60 mins Pilates + 4 mile walk with buggy
Friday: 5 mile run/walk ( total of 42.5 min running +13.5 min walking) - thanks dad for babysitting!
Saturday: 5.5 mile trail run (10k route) - 14 min walking + 49 min running
Total mileage = 34 miles

I just managed to finish my spin as Murray woke up on Wednesday - he's not been going down for very long after his first feed this week despite waking earlier (5.20am) and Thursday's Pilates was finished with rattle toys in hands with him at my feet or between my legs as I stretched to keep him interested! That'll teach me to try and have some breaky before my pilates! On the plus, when I've been in the house I am managing to get him down for a morning and afternoon nap so at least I know I could use those times if need be.

Baby Massage

Murray and I have started a 5 week course on baby massage. We really enjoyed it on Wednesday ( once we had recovered from the stress of trying to get up to Perth for 10am and combining feeds etc). Our homework is to find a good time to do it everyday. We've been doing it at about 4.45 / 5pm when he is alert and happy before he gets really tired. It is a lovely thing to do as it is so interactive and relaxing.

Baby Yoga

Murray and I are also starting baby yoga on a Monday. I am really looking forward to that too (again apart from the getting to Perth for another 10am start).

Leap Frog Table

Murray's neck is getting strong enough to put him in his leap frog table (thanks Aunty Jane) for short periods of time. He seems to really enjoy it.

Some cute images:

Teddy and me!


All smiles for Grandma and Grandad Nicholl.

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