Friday, November 5, 2010

Murray's 'Schedule', head control + 8 min mile

I was reading L'il Runners blog today and she had noted down Kara's schedule and it occurred to me it would be a good thing to record what Murray is doing now to look back on.

Murray's usual day at 18 weeks:

Awake from 5 - 6am (If awake at 5 we let him sing to himself until Al's alarm goes off at 5.45am - If he cries we go get him, but sometimes he drops back off to sleep if he wakes at 5)

First Feed - 6/6.30am by time changed him and made up bottles

Depending on how long it has taken to feed him - when he's thrown up an entire bottle and needs to be fully changed and re-fed we can be up for a while - he goes back down for a nap. He used to go down for a good 2-3 hours to next feed, but now it is just about an hour and it can take him a while to drop off (10 - 15 mins) but If I keep him up he just gets really tired and is really cranky all day.

Second Feed - 9/ 9.30 or if I have a class at 10 eg baby Massage I go to class early and feed him 9.45/10am - I do his bottle with an extra oz of water to feed e.g: 7oz water, 6 scoops of feed to prevent him from becoming constipated. I do second feed as first is often really weird - actually second can be weird too, actually every feed now I come to think of it, but it seems easier to cope with at 9 rather than 6am and I like him to take as much as poss. Feeding is definitely not Murray's strong point!

11am ish (can be half 10 if awake earlier or 11.30 if slept longer) desperate for a nap - Rock him in cradle to help. At home sleeps 45mins - 1 hour. If out can sleep in car seat quite well unless stirring and something wakes him but can usually get 30mins. Swing him in car seat - Have Biceps of steel!!!!!

Lunch feed 12.30ish

2pmish - Nap - see above although he can often nap in his buggy when out for a walk too. I rock him in the cradle only during the day as he is used to the motion when out and about. I don't rock at night or first thing so he knows how to settle himself. If he's tired he REALLY cries so if we're out and about I HAVE to swing him or everyone's ear drums would be burst!

3.30ish - mid afternoon feed

4.45 /5pm - Baby Massage. 
5 - 6pm - Dedicated Murray play time From 5.30 - 6pm this can be all about keeping him as happy as poss as he is getting tired!!!

6pm Bath time

6.20pm ish - Night time feed

6.45pm ish Sleep.

I had written this and then Murray woke up after about 40 mins! Started to feed at 8.50 as he was really gurning for it; only took half his feed; gurned while I tried to do some jobs and finally at half 10 took the rest of his feed. He then went for a sleep at 11.30. He woke at 12 but resettled and is still asleep now - 1pm!!!! The long sleep is unusual but the weird feeds are quite frequent! So when I say schedule.... it is more a rough framework!

Feeling a lot better + Progress

I woke up on Monday feeling 100% better. I still have a bit of a scratchy throat but don't feel absolutely wrecked! I didn't go to Yoga on Monday as it is quite stressful getting up to Perth for 10am when I'm on form let alone after a cold. Plus I was still a bit headachy and the thought of lots of crying babies did not fill me with joy! We went and visited Nanna and Grandcha instead which was lovely. It suddenly occurred to me that I was a baby in that house and there was my baby in the house - ah the circle of life!

I did Pilates on Tues and felt good - infact I was able to progress and do some of my harder DVD which was great (full body workout and stretch). Al was working from home on Wed so I had help in the morning so was able to do Pilates again - did the leg workout from the harder DVD too. I also tried the abs one, but it is still too hard - that tummy gets a real pounding during pregnancy - I guess I was seriously fit to burst so poor wee Abs were well and truly split. They are lying pretty much together again Claire M and Emi so don't panic - I've been checking them every step of the way!

Gym + Creche

I joined the gym at the weekend. There are 3 reasons for this 1) A really wet weather option, 2) Use of the creche and 3) We can take Murray swimming in a nice warm baby pool. It was weird though because as soon as I started thinking about leaving him there I found it quite hard but I need to do it as it is getting harder and harder to get exercise in the morning and to be honest if I had to spin more than 2 times per week I think I would lose the plot altogether. 

There are a few benefits to putting Murray in creche: 1) I should hopefully be able to meet up and run with my running friends which will be fab as at the mo it is impossible to coincide with them unless it's a weekend and I really miss that part of my life. I'm running with my friend Liz on Sat and I'm really looking forward to it. 
2) Exercise will hopefully become my stress relief/ enjoyment again. On days when my parents have looked after Murray it is a mad dash to get Murray fed before they arrive and hope he doesn't need a sleep as he really cries plus it is difficult for them to carry him upstairs. If I left the buggy he'd prob go to sleep in there but not for as long so he gets cranky. It is all very dependent on a good day and I just end up feeling a bit wound up which kind of defeats the purpose of it!
We will go and see it at the weekend so we feel comfortable - we were going to last weekend but stupid cold kind of got in the way!

Anyhooo as Al was working from home yesterday I nipped out at 5pm to try out the gym and It was really good. I went on the treadmill for the last 15  mins. 3 of them were walking cool down but the running I did was 1 min intervals going up from 10km/h to 12.5 km/hour (2mins) and back down. 12.5k/h is about 8 min miles so I was quite chuffed especially after a cold. It didn't feel too hideously uncomfortable either, but I'm not sure how long I could hold it for!
I felt quite tired this morning when I woke up so I will definitely rest today and poss tomorrow as I really want to feel fit enough to run with Liz on Sat and I also want to totally throw this stupid cold.

Gurning + Look how I can lift my head!

Murray has developed a gurn. I'm not sure if it is the cold or teething but there are days when I can hardly put him down without him gurning away. It is exhausting!!!!! I hope I'm not over interacting with him. He used to be very good at mat time and I could get on with things but the past 2 weeks have been pretty tough going! Maybe he's a bit bored of the toys on the mat. He does like his leapfrog table. I think it has helped his head control and he can now lift his head so much better when he's on his front - Mummy's very proud!

I like my new bug - well for approximately 5 mins!

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  1. great head control Murray! You are doing great Kaz and thanks for posting the schedule!