Monday, October 11, 2010

Murray's Baptism (10/10/10)

Yesterday (1oth of the 10th 2010!) was Murray's Baptism. It was such a lovely day, somewhat exhausting, but a really special occasion.

My mum and I headed up to the church in the morning and started to deck out the family room in the church house. I had to have an emergency run to the supermarket as we didn't have enough tablecloths, but in the end and thanks to my mum and sis (who arrived with the cakes - one fruit and one wheat and dairy free) the room looked lovely. My sis had decorated the cakes and I think they looked just fab!

Fruit Cake

Wheat and Dairy Free Cake

We got Murray changed into his gorgeous wee outfit as late as possible and then as Murray started to get tired and grizzly Al took him for a drive around in the car so that he could get a sleep before the ceremony! I'm so glad we did that because he was such a good boy - even when I had to stop feeding him to be baptised! He could have screamed the house down provided he didn't throw up in the font but he did neither. The Canon is so lovely and the ceremony was really relaxed and intimate. My mum and Al's mum each did a reading and our sisters were great as God mums.

Canon, Al, Murray and Me

Canon, God Mums, Al, Murray and Me

After the ceremony we all went to the family room for cake and coffee.

Murray and Me eyeing up the cake!

Al, Murray and Me.

Aunty Helen (My sis) and Murray

It was so good to see lots of friends and family and for some of them to meet Murray for the first time.

After cake the families and my friend Emily and her boys came back to our house for bubbly and buffet lunch/dinner. As always I bought far too much and so I'm going to spend the next week eating it all up - I think I'll be inviting various folk here to help out!

Al's Family

The 2 families looking at baby photos of Al and laughing at how much Murray and him look alike as babies!!! No kidding, it is freaky how alike!

Murray was exhausted come 5pm so we did an early bath and bedtime last night. Thank goodness because we were shattered too! He was all smiles again this morning and came down for a morning cuddle with Aunty Fe before she had to leave for the airport.

Al's Parents then looked after Murray while I went to running club and Al took Fe to the airport. It was GREAT to run with everyone at first and then my friend Liz when everyone else went on for a longer run. I was hoping I was running at a good pace but thought it might just be because I was on my own, but I was able to keep up with Liz quite well AND still be able to chat so I was well chuffed. I did 2 x 10 min running blocks + 1 x 11 min running block with 4 mins walk warm up, cool down and rest breaks. I hope to get out again this week so that I will have run twice in a week and my next progression will be to reduce the walking sections.


  1. Congrats on a beautiful and stress-free event! Well done Murray! :)