Monday, October 18, 2010

Chitter chatter!

Only just the other day Al and I were saying that Murray hasn't been very vocal recently and then lo and behold Murray chitter chattered to us all day yesterday and it has continued today. It is so unbelievably cute. His whole body goes rigid sometimes when it is a particularly loud urrrrrr. He has had me in stitches all day. I love the shape of his mouth when he makes his urrr urrr sounds. He is really concentrating and then he looks so very pleased with himself! I was woken at 5.40am to the sound of his sing songing urrrs through the monitor and it was the loveliest way to wake up.

Here are a couple of video clips we took of him yesterday. I know I'm biased, but I could just eat him up he's so darn adorable!

We went for a trip to the new Tiso's outdoor experience shop (outdoor stuff) that has just opened in Perth yesterday. It was great. There is a climbing wall, a soft play area with creche staff and a lovely cafe with, wheat, dairy+ gluten free options - I can highly recommend the flapjack and soya milk cappuccino! There were a lot of babies and kids there and I couldn't help but think: those without kids were out in the mountains/on bikes/in kayaks whilst the rest of us were in Tiso's cafe thinking about when we'll be able to head out on adventures again! Hee hee! I wouldn't have it any other way - this is the best adventure I've been on yet!

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