Sunday, September 26, 2010

21 Minute Run + Cradle

Hoorah, yesterday I managed a 21 minute run!

It was a gorgeous morning and so we all went out as a family. Al pushed the buggy while I warmed up walking next to him. Once we had reached 'the beach' I took off my track pants and warm tops (it was sunny but chilly) and set off for my first running block. I had planned to do the following:

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute running blocks with 4 minutes rest in between but with the knowledge that if at any time I was sore to simply finish the loop walking.

I was so pleased to be able to do all running blocks and the I only had 3 or 2 minutes walking between the 3 and 2 and the 2 and 1 blocks respectively. I got around the whole of Lady Mary's so did 3 miles in total although not all at a run. I felt pretty comfortable running and wasn't sore at all. That was definitely enough though as although not sore I just knew that was just before the full limit of my abilities for that day.

So a good exercise week all round:
I make it 22 miles + 50 minutes Pilates.

I really want to try and get in more pilates, but ironically it is the hardest thing I find to do. Walks are 'easy' as Murray just get whizzed into the buggy post feed and off we go. Swim or gym I have to arrange with mum, so I keep the date, plus Murray is looked after, but Pilates relies on me getting the opportunity when Murray is asleep which is basically never once he is up in the morning! Hopefully now I won't be sitting expressing for an hour I might get the opportunity between 1st and second feeds when he usually goes back to sleep.

Cradle Time
Murray is now out of his Moses basket and into the cradle in our room. He looked so big in the Moses basket, but looks tiny again in the cradle. I can't imagine how tiny he would look in nthe big cot!


  1. yea on the nice family run! hopefully you will get more time soon to do the pilates!

  2. Great work! No pregnancy experience (yet), but having been injured before, it's the small achievements that mean the most :) That's great that you have so much support around you.

  3. You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll get back into it.

    I walked everywhere like mad woman after I had Cairn. I think the time-of-feet was the reason why I could do the Devils race was he was six months old.

    Debs x