Monday, August 2, 2010

Sacro-cranial Therapy

While I was pregnant, my wonderful sister said she wanted to pay for baby and I to have a sacro-cranial therapy session post birth to make sure both of us were all aligned. My sister goes to this practitioner regularly and she specialises in mums and babies post birth. My sister had a really bad head accident years ago when we were skiing (well, skiing off a 21 foot cliff and landing head first onto rocks will do that to you) and so suffers with terrible headaches. When the headaches get too bad she is back to Fiona for a session and the headaches go until her body becomes out of whack again. Well with all my problems post birth, I wasn't able to go until Friday just past, and can I tell you, I could actually kiss the woman, I'm that grateful.

Let me re-wind to Wed/ Thurs. Now despite Murray being more settled on Thursday his feeding on me was just awful. It was such a stressful time for us both. He would be shaking his head and crying and choking and hurting me. I really thought I was going to have to resort to expressing my milk and feeding it from a bottle, but it was really upsetting me because I really wanted to breastfeed and when he did it right it was lovely but it was getting worse, not better.

Anyway, we went to our appointment on Friday - my pelvis was really tight - not surprising really and apparently Murray's neck was really tight on his left side. She said that he probably would have never been able to feed on the right because of that and his neck will have been getting progressively tighter and affecting his feeding on the left. She also said his bowels were a bit blocked too and loosened them off too. Now it could be that the infacol has kicked in and that is helping his gas, but when we got home and the health visitor came to help with latching on, I didn't need her help, he latched on perfectly and fed without taking in any air. Typical I thought, but it has continued from then on, and over the weekend, while Al was home, I re-tried my right breast as it looked like it had healed and lo and behold he is on and feeding like a wee gem - now admittedly I'm still doing rugby ball on the right, but I wanted to get it up and running and my confidence re-stored before trying anything new. I can't tell you how much more relaxed I am. All day Sat and all day Sun he has fed properly, every 3 hours and then last night after his last feed at about 9.30pm (that was formula as I had nothing left in my boobs) he slept through until 6.15am!!!!!!! Now I don't care so much about the sleeping through, I'm just so happy that feeding is an enjoyable experience for us both and although he does still get antsy when he needs to fill his nappy and does need burped mid and post feed, it is NOTHING like it was. To put it into perspective, Sat night I woke to a really sore tummy and to put it politely I had to go sleep downstairs in the spare room which has an ensuite so I could make it on time and didn't wake up Al and Murray. This continued throughout Sunday, but despite feeling pretty miffed that I had yet another bl##@y ailment I continued to enjoy feeding Murray! I don't know if I ate something dodgy or if Fiona's unblocking of my bowels too caused issues, either way I did not feel very well yesterday and I was able to cope - of course it helped that Al sent me to bed while Murray slept in the afternoon and both of us slept for 3 hours and I then slept last night from 10.30pm to when Murray woke at 6.15am - My first full night's sleep since before Murray was born. Fantastic. I don't want to jinx Murray's feeding, but I'm telling you, if there is a problem again, I'll be back again to Fiona for another session (over and above the one we have already booked in 2 weeks time as a follow up).

Nanna and Grancha

Yesterday, I had hoped to get to church and we would have been able to go as Murray had fed at 10am but because of my tummy it wasn't possible. Mum and Dad were going to come with us so they went still and came in for a wee visit after. Nanna has been around loads as she has been helping me out with all the appointments I've had last week, but Grancha hasn't been for a wee while. It was lovely actually as Murray was wide awake while they were here so they were able to enjoy him on the play mat and bouncy chair. His eyes are so much clearer and able to focus on so much more and I swear he is not far off being able to smile. Grancha was able to get a wee cuddle too just before Murray started winding himself up for wanting a feed. I love this pic of my dad and Murray.

Bath Time

Mum Nicholl texted to ask if we could send some more pics of Murray by email, so we thought we would photograph bath time last night. He is so cute at bath time, and he even seems to quite enjoy it now - well the warm water bit anyway.

I've just woken from a nap!

Clothes off and wrap you up in the towel

Wash you hair

Wash your Face

Dry Your hair

Nappy Off!

Wash time!

All Clean, Dry your body

Nappy On

All ready for my last feed and bed!


  1. Kaz, this was a great post and I really didn't know anything about craniotherapy. What a great result for both of you! You're doing an amazing job and Murray definitely doesn't look little anymore :)

  2. that sounds so interesting - glad that helped - sounds really cool! Love the pictures!