Thursday, August 26, 2010

8 Week Check + Jags.

My baby boy is 8 weeks today! I cannot believe it!

He had his 8 week check yesterday. All is well. His stats are now:

Weight: 11lbs 14 (a bit of a relief as when he was weighed on Tues I thought he had only put on 2 oz as my health visitor read the conversion chart wrong. I had been really concerned about his feeding so it was a bit of a worry, but more on that later). Gained 3lbs 150z since birth!

Length: 60cm - grown 12.5cm since birth

Head Circumference: 39.5cm - grown 6.2cm since birth

His eyes, tracking, head control and hips are all good. He did not like getting his hips checked and I can't say I blame him!

He then had his jags. OOOOOHHHHH! He did not like that, poor wee fella. It actually wasn't too upsetting because you knew why he was crying, and boy did he cry. Bless him, he'd almost stop crying and then he'd remember it and start up again. He was then OK - not terribly lively, but OK until about 2pm when he wanted a feed. He had a good feed and then was uncharacteristically sleepy. He went down for an hour (unheard of during the day) and woke at 3pm with crying that was so obviously saying "I don't feel well!" I gave him some calpol and took him out of his blanket too cool him down and he went to sleep again. If he surfaced at all he cried, but thankfully mainly slept. He woke at 5pm for another feed and then back to sleep once I had taken off his outer clothes to wrap him up in his blanket until 9pm when he wanted another feed. He was definitely a lot better as no more crying, but just wanted to be cuddled and still quite warm so post feed I gave him his second dose of calpol. He took a while to drop off to sleep (no wonder after sleeping all that time, but seems a lot happier this morning.

Breast Feeding Dilema

On Tuesday I was ready to transfer Murray onto bottles. His feeding was just so awful. He was so restless and would take me for a couple of minutes and then come off and then on and off and on it went all day. This came on the back of a tricky feeding day on Mon and Sunday evening. He didn't even really want to take a bottle. I'm not sure, but I think it was because we ran out of gaviscon on Sunday and then it took a while to get the prescription on Monday so he only had half dose on both those days. Both Monday and Tues were puking days and I just think it has taken a while for is tummy to settle down. It is hard to tell, because he was so sleepy yesterday with his jabs, but he has just had a good feed this morning too, so hopefully he will be better again today.

I am really struggling with transferring Murray onto bottles. I haven't as of yet (except for when I've run out or like on Tuesday when I just needed a break), but am seriously contemplating it, but just cannot seem to bring myself to make the change. I have found the experience so difficult and it has been such a blow as I never even considered it would be. I always just thought that was what 'they' were there for and mum BF 3 of us (she couldn't her first as he was brain damaged and didn't have a strong enough suck). I know it is completely irrational, but I feel a bit inadequate. It is such an emotive thing. I think what I will do is try to relax and feed when I can and combine expressing and formula to give myself a break from time to time. It is just really good to see him getting a good feed sometimes, plus when out and about it just takes the pressure off finding somewhere discreet and the stress of nipples on show. I had thought I wouldn't care, but I do still find it stressful - mainly because, I never know if Murray is going to latch on well or not. I think the most important thing is that I really don't want to regularly feel like I did on Tuesday. I felt so stressed and crap and that cannot be healthy for Murray on a regular basis. As my mum said - I have given 2 months of Breast Milk, which will have stood him in good stead, and anything else is a bonus. I must remember what my health visitor said - 'after what your nipples have been through it is a miracle you have made it this far Karen' and give myself a break. I am far too hard on myself. I'll just try and take it day by day.


Last week, I managed my second swim (did 2.2km) and walk (although the walk was 3 miles not 4), but I just did not have the time to do my 2nd Pilates session.

This week so far I have done a 2km swim.
It is a miracle I managed to get that swim, between expressing and getting prescriptions. I didn't get in the pool until an hour later than planned, but fortunately mum was still able to look after Murray. I nearly backed out, but the knowledge that I wouldn't be able to swim again until Fri gave the motivation to kick my butt through the door!

50 minutes of Pilates.
I still can't do Ab work that requires me to roll on my backside, but I can replicate the moves on my swiss ball which is great and it feels good to be doing some Ab work. I'm glad I've not been able to do this until now though and the other pilates work has built up some strength there gently before ploughing straight in.

I hope to get out for 2 walks and another pilates session. I'm debating instead of a swim, trying some gentle gym work, but I may leave that for another week, as I've upped the pilates already. I'll don't want to put too much strain on my steadily mending Pelvic Floor. Must quiz the physio friends and get their advice.

OK, shower and chores await while Murray has his only sleep of the day!


  1. Kaz, you a truly a rock star mum!! And your mum is absolutely right. You have given Murray the best start possible and nothing can make that untrue. Don't forget to look after yourself too - that's part of the whole 'rock star' equation :)

  2. You should do with whatever is best for you and what would make YOU feel the most comfortable right now. You have given him the best start possible as Lizzie said and right now, you have to do what is best for you! It is going to be hard for sure, but I will tell you that if you end up stopping, a few days later you will probably be relieved. When I had to stop nursing nick (supply gone) it was tough, but after a few days total relief!

  3. It's way more beneficial for Murray to have a chilled Mum, than breast mile. Eight weeks is more that enough. Most women don't make it passed four days. No wonder, it's a nightmare! xx