Monday, August 30, 2010

Night Time Routine


Firstly thanks to Lizzie and L'il Runner for your kind comments and to friends who called/messaged after my last post to check I was OK or to give encouragement and to reassure me that it is OK to swop to formula if that is what I want. I'm still breastfeeding, but am combining it with bottles /expressed bottles if out / swimming (mum can feed him then) and for his last feed at night. Just knowing that I have that option helps and actually since the gaviscon has kicked in again Murray has been feeding better again. Also letting someone else feed him by bottle just really allows me to get a break.

Night Time Routine

Last night we commenced with a proper bed time routine. I've been wanted to try one for a wee while but as Al gets home so late it has been difficult to know how to do it. Anyway we got to grips with the monitor yesterday and as it was Sunday Al was home to help. Murray always gets cranky at about 6pm - he's tired and has often had a wee nap at this time, but we didn't let him sleep and bathed him instead. Then fed him in our room with curtains closed and music on. He was exhausted and the worst bit was trying to keep him awake enough to feed enough. We put him down and left him there (felt sooo wierd). He awoke and had a wee cry, but a wee cuddle and final burping and he went down again. No more crying and he stayed asleep until 6.45am this morning! I changed and fed him and put him back down again as he often wants to sleep then (about his only time all day) and as he was in our room I was able to move about downstairs freely cleaning and having breaky. He woke at about 9.30am and true to form was awake solid until 3.30pm when he couldn't fight sleep any longer so I put him down for a nap upstairs for an hour while I did some work for the business.

I did the routine again tonight - quite good actually as it made the day seem shorter as I had the routine to do instead of just waiting until Al got home. Al was able to join us while he was feeding and give his wee boy a cuddle. Again he needed an extra wee cuddle, but we were then able to have dinner and are now sitting on the sofa enjoying adult time.

I'm so pleased that I took the plunge. I know it sounds easy, but I'm sure the fact that I've been getting Murray to settle himself in the mornings after his first feed has helped this process. I would always walk away and go get breaky in the kitchen and just come back to reassure him if he cried.

I was worried he would wake in the night, but recently he's not wanted to wake for his 10pm feed if he has fallen asleep in our arms or not been too interested in taking too much then. Mind you we'll see if he wakes tonight and last night was a one off!

Family Time

On Sunday we went out for a family walk up at Loch Turret. It was quite hard work as neither of us had realised how rocky the path is - well you don't when it is just you without buggy - but it was great to be up there as it is so beautiful. It was really windy and there was a definite nip in the air as you can probably tell from what we are wearing!

Getting Murray Wrapped up.

Let's Off-Road!

It was Steeper there than it looked - good way to warm up!

End of our walk for today - Time ticking down to feeding time! Never Tire of that View!


  1. You are more than welcome - and you sound heaps better, so that's great! I love, love, love Murray's little rainbow jacket!! It's so cute - where did you buy it?

  2. Lizzie - Al's parent's got it for us so probably either Marks and Spencer's or Next. I love it too, it is just so cute and it really kept him warm while we walked.

  3. I didn't know Next did kids clothes. I bought from them when I was living in the UK. It looks so warm! Why aren't they making these for adults? :)

  4. he is so cute!! wait so did he sleep for like 12 hours??? I'm super impressed. It makes such a difference!

  5. Yup - 12 hours - what a trooper! I think he takes after his daddy - apparently as a toddler he used to take himself off to bed!!!! Definitley not like his mum who is a terrible sleeper!!! It really does make a huge difference as the day is so much shorter for me. Can you imagine a wide awake baby from 7 or 8am some days, other days from 9am but always until about 10 or 11 pm with sleeping only really occurring if he was being pushed in the buggy or in the car. A lot of those days were with sore tummy so a lot of crying was going on and Al not getting home until just before 7pm. I had to laugh when my health visitor said sleep when he sleeps!!! I don't think it is safe to fall asleep at the wheel!