Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reflux and week 7 weight


Monday and Yesterday were hideous days. Sunday wasn't great either, but not relentlessly, but Monday and yesterday Murray was just so unhappy and the spitting up post feed or full on puking that has been increasing and increasing for a while was just getting worse. Not enough to be fearful, but enough to know this is not right and he is sooo unhappy. Gripewater had stopped helping and by yesterday I just didn't know what to do for him. Not helped by the fact that I had to stay in the house in the morning as his Bean bag bed (I'll take some pics when he is on it next to post) I had bought for him was arriving and I didn't want to miss it. Anyway thankfully at post natal group he had a feed and then proceeded to spit up 3 or 4 times with the bubbles at his mouth and the retching, so the health visitor could see what I meant and thinks he may well have reflux. She got me a prescription for Gaviscon and said to stop using the infacol and gripe water so we can see if it helps. Fingers crossed it does!


Murray did give me a wee spell where he slept - not his usual morning one, but over lunch so I was able to do 30 mins pilates and get some lunch in blessed peace. I'm definitely feeling stronger and as I write this today I realise I'm not sore, so bit by bit I'm getting there. I have noticed tat after ever pilates session I do, my stomach has pulled in a bit more. The swimming on Monday will have helped too.

So so far this week:
1.8km swim
30 mins Pilates

Plan for rest of week:
2 walks of 4 miles
1 more swim, hopefully get an hour this time so should be at least 2k
1 more pilates session.


Murray will be 7 weeks tomorrow and his weight yesterday was 11lbs 7oz. He had put on 10oz in a week!!!! Clearly the reflux isn't affecting his weight gain, but it is just making him feel pretty miserable.


  1. we just got a prescription for the reflux and I hope its working. He's growing very nicely!

  2. My niece had the same thing and got a lot better after some medication in her formula. Hopefully things will be more consistent for Murray soon! Glad you're feeling more confident out and about!