Monday, August 16, 2010

Kazza is back!

I had my 6 week check up today and got the go ahead to return to exercise so I headed to the pool today. I only had time for a 45min swim, but in that time I did 90 lengths (1.8km equiv to 4.5 mile run). It was great to do some pyramid work of fast: 2, 4, 6, 4, 2. It felt great to feel the burn in the lungs. It felt that, although running may take some time, there is a means for me to increase my fitness and get some endorphins.

Over the past few days we have had some good days and some bad. Last Thursday was a horror and I've never been so glad to have a coffee morning with the girls. If I had been at home all day, I'd have been pulling my hair out. Poor wee soul just had awful gas and the only time he wasn't crying was when he was asleep. Luckily he slept on me at the coffee morning, but it wasn't too hindering as the girls could pass me a biscuit or drink as honestly if I even thought about moving, Murray would scream! It's been pretty bad today too, but gripe water does seem to ease it a little. Murray generally hates to sleep in the day - he is sooo alert, but it does mean that if he is really gassy he is a bit of a misery guts which is a shame and I really look forward to the days when he doesn't have bad gas as he is so fun. He is starting to smile and mat time can just be so lovely. He was so gurny today that I ended up doing an hour of housework with him strapped to my chest in the sling as it was the only way I could keep him quiet. I was shattered by the time Al came home!

We have had good days too. My mum and I had a lovely lunch out after our sacro-cranial appointment on Friday as I was brave enough to feed at the cafe. My sister surprised us by ringing the door bell on Friday evening and staying over so we had a lovely day on Sat - out for a walk and lunch out (again as I fed out and about) and then on Sunday we went up to support some harriers at the Sheriffmuir Inn race (11 miles). It was a gorgeous day and we had a lovely walk while everyone raced. We then treated ourselves to lunch as the food is amazing there. Al enjoyed our new found 'freedom' as I'm getting more confident to feed out of the house.

We've booked ourselves a wee holiday in September. We've booked a wee cabin in Aviemore for 4 nights (Al's taken about 11 days in total) but we though that 4 nights away was enough both for Murray and our bank balance! We're very excited and it will be lovely to have family time together.

OK, must get to bed.

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