Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exercise, Friends and a Growing Boy!

Murray is asleep (hope I'm not jinxing myself) so I'm going to try and get a blog post done.


I managed to go for a walk on Friday and Saturday. Friday was miserably wet but Murray had gas and was pretty restless so I decided the rain was less unpleasant than sitting in the house with him gurning. That said, I cannot remember the last time I was that wet. Miserable. I was soaked to my pants and my jeans were so wet that they were dragging on the ground and the turn ups were collecting gravel so that they were getting heavier and heavier! I was dreaming about a hot cuppa, but Murray had other ideas and wanted fed and then cuddles for the rest of the afternoon. Brrr! Bl##@y Scottish summers! Still 3 miles managed and wasn't sore after.

On Sat, the sun really came out in late afternoon so Al and I decided that we would get out for a walk while it was nice. We did the knock and wishing well route which is about 4 miles and hilly. I noticed I was walking much faster and was really pleased with myself. I was tired at the end but I thought yeah, here we go, thinks are on the up. On Sunday however I felt really very tired. Despite that I ended up doing 30 mins Pilates, but I think I maybe over did things as on Monday I was really quite sore and I was quite shocked to discover when out for a walk with some friends on Monday I just couldn't keep up and I was really very sore. Probably partly to do with having to sit for an hour in the car too as I still find sitting in the car sore. Anyway it has been a good lesson in making sure I don't get carried away with myself and just take it steadily.


I had had enough on Sunday. I had a total meltdown at one point when I wanted to get out for lunch but then Murray wanted to feed and I was hungry and oh...... I just felt like Daisy the cow. In hindsight I was possibly quite tired from that walk, but none the less I hadn't been out on my own for over a week. Once Murray was fed Al practically pushed me out the door saying: "I'll look after him. Get out and recoup." So a short while later I found myself in Crieff, filling the car up with fuel and thinking, what the heck am I going to do in Crieff on a Sunday (not a whole heap happening)? A quick text to my mate Liz to check it was OK to pop in and I found myself supping a cuppa in her garden keeping her company as her hubby and boys were all away for the day. Thanks Liz, I felt a new person when I returned. Al then took Murray out for a walk (his first time out and about on his own with him - Awhh!) and I totally vegged out on the sofa blocking out the dishes and washing load that needed to be put on. I had a TV dinner and a hot meal and cuppa and relished not having to either gulp them down or getting it cold later!!! Ah the simple things is life.


Al took Monday off and we went over to my friend Emily and Scott's house as our friends Claire and Neil were staying with them. We all went to Uni together and Claire and Neil live in OZ for now so we hadn't seen them for about 18months. It was absolutely great to see them and to see Claire looking so well and to meet her little 20 week bump. So exciting. There are 9 months between Emily's younger boy and Murray and there will about 6 months between Murray and baby Muir.

Claire introducing Murray to his future new friend!

Murray took the occasion to do a poo that was so explosive that it shot straight out the side of his nappy and onto his lovely baby grow that Emily had given us. Good job I had taken extra grows! I honestly thought he had soaked straight through to my jeans, but fortunately not, as I hadn't taken spare trousers!!!! LOL!

Claire is really artistic, and she had made me a lovely necklace and jewellery box in her Kiln for my birthday (it was a while ago, but between her head accident, post grad exams and first trimester puking, very understandably it took her a wee while to complete them) and Murray a name plate for his room. I'm so jealous of her skills. They are just amazing!

Growing Boy

I was at Postnatal Group yesterday afternoon so got Murray weighed as I don't need to have specific appointments now as long as Murray and I are feeling OK. He is now 10lb 13 - 7oz in 5 days. I knew he had grown!

Hoorah, got this done, now, will I get Thank you cards done too?

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  1. sounds like things are going well on the activity side, and normal with everything else. It is hard work. Glad you got out for a bit!