Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nips Ooot!

Yesterday I met up with my friend Emily and her gorgeous wee boys, one of whom is my god son, at Dobbies garden centre outside of Stirling. It is a perfect place for us to meet as it is exactly half way between us. Anyway I had fed Murray before I left, but as he hadn't had a very big feed first thing in the morning he was hungry when we arrived. I had taken a formula to make up in case and to give me longer to see Emily, but I just thought, 'what the heck let's give breast feeding a go. So Emi and I found as seat outside on the patio where I could turn my back on everyone and then we positioned both buggies either side and pulled my cardy around. Well I was so chuffed as Murray managed to latch on without too much performance on his trickier side and topped himself up. It felt great to just get it over and done with. I certainly would still worry about trying it if I was in the middle of a room, but I think the thought of not being tied to being back at the house at a certain time or need to give him a bottle would make me give it a go. A definite sense of liberation.

5 Week Weight

This morning I took Murray to be weighed. I was really keen to get this weighing as we have been pretty much exclusively breastfeeding - just one formula in the evening to let me top up and get to bed - and knew that if he had put on weight it would give me such a confidence boost that we were starting to get the hang of this milarky. I am very proud to say that Murray is now 10lbs 6oz so has put on 8oz in a week!

I am very pleased to say that I am starting to be able to get some gentle exercise. I've been out for a few walks and Monday saw my longest at 2.5miles. I've also done some Pilates. I've just been doing my prenatal pilates as it is pretty gentle and on Tuesday I managed to do the Standing Pilates and Full body Pilates units. I also started the legs unit but Murray woke and wasn't interested in sitting in his bouncy chair while I finished. Despite that, with my fit for motherhood tummy exercises, I reckon I did about 30 mins on Tuesday.

I hope to try and get out for another couple of walks. Hopefully tomorrow morning with my mate Wendy, weather permitting and at the weekend plus if I can I'll do another 30 mins of Pilates. Maybe I'll even get the legs finished if I do it at the weekend when Al is here!


  1. GLad you are able to get out there, soon enough you'll be back to normal! : ) Great that Murray gained weight, :) good news!

  2. Great to see you getting back out there - feeding and exercising. A friend of mine was given a breastfeeding apron as one of her pre=baby gifts and she has used it heaps with her daughter, so they can go out and don't need to worry about finding a private place.