Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 Weeks Today!

Murray is 4 weeks today - I just can't believe it!

The health visitor came to visit today to weigh Murray, amongst other things. He is now 9lbs 14! What a wee porker! At least all his fussing at the breast isn't effecting him - just causes me discomfort. I worry that he's getting all his milk from the expressed bottle and then not feeding so well from me, but there always seems to be plenty milk in my left breast so I guess he must be getting milk. My left nipple is starting to split like my right one though so it's getting pretty sore. My Health visitor wonders if he's attaching properly so said I could call her tomorrow when he's due a feed and she'll come and have a look.

So far we are having a better day than some of the others. Even my mum said the other day that he is tiring as the wind is causing him such grief.

Yesterday afternoon was constant gurning and crying and little legs kicking with tummy pains. Then he would want to feed, but only do so for a wee short spell as his tummy would get sore and then we'd repeat. Eventually at 5pm I cracked and phoned Al totally exhausted. I just wished he was home already, but knew I'd have to wait another 2 hours. He had the good idea of putting Murray in the car and driving down to pick him up from the train with the hope that Murray would sleep in the car and Al would be home sooner to help out. After enduring another 40 mins of crying I texted Al to say we were en route. Great idea Al!

Today has been a lot better. He fell asleep after his first feed and gave me 45 mins of peace. He was then quite happy in his bouncy chair while I had a shower and got dressed and did the dishes. I then thought he was hungry, but he sucked for about 5 mins max and fell asleep so I managed to put him down for another spell. When he woke he was properly hungry and fed for 15 mins despite choking himself and needing burped every few mins due to gulping so much air. Fortunately he had the sore tummy while the HV was here so she could see what I meant. He was pretty gurny for a bit but chilled out in the bouncy seat and let me express and get my lunch. His tummy started to hurt again so I put him on his play mat and played with his legs to see if that could get any wind out. It did and then he dropped off to sleep on his mat. I've just left him there as he needs the sleep and it is bliss for me to get a chance to relax for a while. I can't describe how cute he looks on his mat, so I'll let this photo show you!

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