Monday, July 26, 2010

Every Day is a School Day With Murray!

No kidding - I feel like I'm on the steepest learning curve EVER! I've never felt so blooming clueless in my life!


Murray has developed a terrible problem with gas. Every day from Wed has been plagued with his gas problems except from Friday when we had a great day. The poor wee soul gets it so bad, his little lips go blue and he cries and cries! At least I now know his gas cry as opposed to his hunger cry. This is good because on Wed and Thurs I kept thinking he was hungry and kept trying to feed him but of course to no avail. The gas problem is exhausting because he just hates to be put down. I was so glad to have Al home over the weekend just to get a break for a while.

Great Things I've managed to do with Murray

On Thursday my mum and I took him for a walk in his buggy for the first time and I even managed to walk about a mile!

On Friday, I had the girls from my NCT classes for coffee in the morning. It was great fun having 4 mums, 4 babies, 1 mum to be and 1 bump in my living room, along with all the paraphernalia that goes with babies. I was so impressed with hoe well Kathryn and Fi are breast feeding. I felt like a complete rookie next to them, but on the positive it made me wonder if I could feed Murray without a pillow underneath and today I managed! Then in the afternoon, Murray and I met up with my firend Liz for a walk in his buggy. We managed to walk about 2 miles which was fab, but i did really feel it the next day, so I must be careful.

On Saturday, Al was running leg 1 of thye clubs fun 5x5 relay event so we all went up to cheer Al on and pick him up at the end, Murray was a sleeping Angel and I felt really pleased to have been able to get out on time. In the evening we went to the BBQ. This was a tougher experience. I was quite tired by then and I felt very overwhelmed especially as Murray woke up as we arrived and stared crying with his gas. Al managed to settle him and we were able to enjoy a wee while, but I did find it very difficult indeed. I think it was the realisation that life is very very different now!

On Sunday we got out for lunch as a family. I had expressed so when he woke up from his 1 and only quiet sleep (thank heavens for the car ride that sent him to sleep) I could feed him while we were out and I did his first change of nappy out and about too. Talk about fingers and thumbs trying to get the change station down while holding him in my arms! I was so glad we went out as he was so gurny for the rest of the day that I may have gone potty if we had stayed in all day!


Somehow I pulled a muscle in my chest yesterday, so my mum came to help out today as last night I was struggling to lift Murray without being in major discomfort. I've no idea how I did it but can only think it was from lifting the car seat or the buggy into the car. Anyway it was much better today but mum's help was greatly appreciated. She even sent me out for a couple of hours to get some 'me' time. I nipped up to Liz's for a cuppa in her garden and it was absolutely bliss to sit out and relax over a cuppa and not be waiting for the next lot of crying!

Liz gave us a great bouncy chair for Murray. It is so cute and we tried it out tonight. He liked it for a while, but hunger struck and so his calmness was broken. Here he is looking just gorgeous.


  1. you are doing great and all will fall into place. Try putting him on his belly across your knees and pat his back - helped Nick w/ gas!

  2. You are seriously a superstar!! I don't have any personal experience, but hang in there - Murray looks so cute!!