Sunday, July 11, 2010

No More Midwife - Yikes!

Today was the last of our midwife visits. Our health visitor will come from tomorrow, but I'm so bummed that Morag and Kirsty will no longer be popping in to check all is well with Murray and me!

Things I have learned to since the birth:

Getting Murray latched on - across my front on the left and rugby ball on the right.
At first I needed Al to keep Murray's hands out of the way and help big time with right side. Yesterday I learned how to keep Murray's hands away while getting him latched on all at the same time. I am very proud of this as it means I will be OK when Al goes back to work. It was really good actually as Murray had been a bit unsettled and I was very tired and struggling a bit with the relentlessness of it all and then I was able to do that and I thought: 'hoorah, a positive!'

I feel quite confident with this and bath Murray in the evening when his feeding times allow for it. Murray yells quite a lot while I'm getting him ready, but when I actually put him in the water he calms down! So cute!

Nappy Changing.
I feel pretty confident with this too. As I get a little less sore it gets easier to lean over and do this too.

Why you cry?
I'm still learning this, but I was very pleased to work out it was a nappy change needed whilst Al was in Crieff and settled him all by myself.
Fists in mouth = I AM HUNGRY!

Self care.
I'm getting better ant timing my food so that I've eaten before a feed - snack or meal. So hungry and thirsty - hard work this feeding!
Afternoon sleeps or early evening sleeps rock.
If I go to bed and get sleep before Al brings Murray to bed with himself I am rested and ready to feed Murray in the night.
The fit for motherhood tummy exercises really do pull your tummy in - the jelly on a plate is much reduced in size!

These make all the hard work worthwhile. I love it when he falls asleep in my arms post feed!

Scary things still to tackle:

Venturing outside for longer than 10 mins
Breastfeeding in public.

These scary things will have to wait a while as my midwife thinks that I should aim to start getting out and about in about 2 weeks time. When I'm in the house pottering around or resting I think OMG 2 weeks, but then if I've been for a wee walk to the shop I realise how right she is. Today I felt much more sprightly so went around the school before the shop. When I left the shop I was starting to get so sore I truly wondered if I was going to make it back to the house no more than 200m or so away!

Today it hasn't really upset me because my sis and Ian came to visit, but I can really see cabin fever setting in soon. I was definitely feeling that way by the time I went to bed last night. I felt like I was on a conveyor belt: sleep, eat and feed Murray, interspersed with wash pooey clothes, shower, do tummy exercises, do dishes ad repeat! Love the cuddles though!

Murray's Weight
He was 7lbs15 when he was born.
He lost 12oz between Thurs and Mon.
He gained 9oz between Mon and Friday - well done little man!


  1. A friend of mine had her first 3 1/2 months ago - a gift from one of her girlfriends was this cool apron cover up for breastfeeding in public that's not dowdy and very practical. You should be proud of yourself! :)

  2. Like a duck to water there Mrs Nichol.

    I remember going round the corner to the newsagents the week after Cairn was born and I wondered how I was going to get back. Childbirth is fine it's the after effects of being split in two! :-)

    I was never very comfortable about feeding in public.

    You will learn all the baby signs really quickly. I used to know exactly what Cairn wanted.

    Debs xx