Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Wedding Anniversary + Murray's 1 Week Birthday

Yesterday it was our wedding anniversary. 4 years ago I felt completely overwhelmed in the car with my dad as we drove to the church, as the enormity of the day finally fully hit home. I remember my heart beating away like crazy and then we were saying our vows and a calmness came over me and I felt so happy.
Fast forward 4 years and we have spent the day feeding, changing, cuddling and generally staring at the most amazing anniversary present ever! I'm not sure which is most special - both are completely overwhelming emotionally.

Husband and Wife in our Back Garden.

Our Anniversary Present!

One Week Old

I can't believe Murray is a week old already - where has the week gone?

Getting Ready for A Birthday Breaky!

I still feel very sore and the whole process has taken a lot more out of me than I expected or could have imagined. I am still quite emotional about the birth and how frightened I was at the end. Al said to me that when Murray was finally born he could feel the relief rush through every single cell in his body that both of us were going to be OK. I felt the same about Murray when he came out screaming, but I think the relief about my self is still coming out and will continue to do so for quite some time to come. Let's put it this way - I'm in no rush to add to my family!

Murray's First Night Home...

...Was exhausting to say the least. We didn't get back to the house until about 8pm and I think becasue of the trip and the fact that he had been handled so much he jsut wouldn't settle at all on his own. Al and I ended up taking the night in shifts holding him while the other slept! I was soooo tired as I still hadn't really slept post birth and I remember thinking: 'OMG I should have stayed an extra night in hospital'. Finally morning came and by some miracle we were able to finally settle him in his moses basket.

Our midwife came to visit the next day and gave us advice of getting him awake every 3 hours to change and feed him during the day. Showing us how to burp him after a feed. She also advised us to start a night time routine of bath with music and low light on at bed time. Well it all seems to have helped as that night he slept from 11pm to 4.30am and the 6.30am to 9am! He's been really good ever since. We weren't so sure he would be last night as he got quite cranky in the evening and as I had just fed him I didn't think he could be hungry. Anyway we did a feed at 11.30pm and although he gurned a little at first, he then slept from midnight to 5am! He topped up on some food and went back down from 6 to 8am! What a good boy!

First Trip Out.

Yesterday we had our first trip out. After a feed all 3 of us walked (v slowly) along to the village shop. The lady who works there and her friend were so excited as they had been watching me get progressively bigger in the last few weeks and could now meet the expanding belly. We spent about 10 mins chatting and by that time I had to ask Al to carry Murray back as I was done in! It is going to be a long road back to fitness. Still - at least I was able to start doing my pelvic tilts etc today to try and get this stomach pulled back in. My tummy is 'hilarious' / disconcerting - very reminiscent of jelly on a plate! Can't wait to get that pilates started but at the mo' I would take being able to walk more than a few minutes!


  1. you look so gorgeous!!! And Murray is adorable. You look so comfortable as a mom.

  2. He's so cute - and you're a totally together mummy! Hope the sleeping arrangements continue :)