Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Health Visitor + 2 Weeks Tomorrow

Today we had our first visit from our Health Visitor. She is absolutely lovely and makes me feel a little less 'abandoned'.

She weighed Murray again and he is now 8lbs 4oz! Well done wee man!

Post feed that is helping him grow!

Thanks Girls!

I was feeling a little blue about being stuck in doors, but yesterday and today 2 of the girls I met at antenatal classes came for a visit. It was lovely to see them and share experiences and to meet their wee boys. I'm so jealous of them being able to get out and about even though the thought of it terrifies me, but it really really helped being able to see a new face!

Al's Parents

Tomorrow Al's parents are arriving for their first visit since Murray was born. What a nice 2week birthday present for Murray. They must be so excited to see him! They are coming until Saturday so will get 3 days to coo over him.


Yesterday Murray was a bit more restless. HV thinks he may well have been having a growth spurt so he needed some more cuddles. Al discovered this position that he really liked. How cute!

My Heart Brimmeth Over!


  1. he is so adorable and I love the first picture of the 2 of you. Sounds like everything is going well. You're a natural!

  2. I took Cairn clothes shopping when he was three days old, as I wanted to get him blue clothes. Unhinged or what? I remember being up from 5am and it took me until noon to get out the door.

    Outside will be there for a very long time. And it's raining and miserable.

    Debs x

  3. I ♥ that stripey jumpsuit - it's very sweet! I Iooked at the Edinburgh forecast (my brother just left there) and it says rain, rain, rain . . . not sure where you are in relation to there, but no need to subject Murray to that yet :)