Friday, April 23, 2010

Cramp + 31 Weeks!

Last night I had cramp for the first time. I have had close calls recently but managed to stop them before they have started however last night I had a nasty one. I must have turned or stretched or something in my sleep and WHAM! God it was so sore. Poor Al had quite a nasty alarm wake up call (it was actually literally just as his alarm was about to go off). I couldn't help it I was totally yelling and he was saying, "What is it? where is sore? what is wrong" all meanwhile reaching for my tummy.
Eventually I could get out "left leg."
He then proceeded to tell me to straighten it - well I'll be damned if I could; it was like a curled up spring that just wouldn't be stretched until it had stopped cramping. So sore and it has left my left calf quite bruised feeling and hurting if I stretch it.

I reckon it was a lot to do with the fact that work was so busy last night I didn't get a chance to eat or drink properly. Not to be too graphic or anything but at one point I nipped to the loo and my pee was neon! Not healthy. I immediately went back and glugged down some water, but it is hard to keep drinking when you need to be talking. I usually try and catch a wee bite to eat between 2nd and 3rd sessions, but that simply just did not happen and so eventually got something at 9pm. I just don't like doing that to my wee nipper, but I can take comfort in the fact that next week I will just be teaching 2 exam sessions and my tutors will be in place for my other sessions. Next week is the start of the exams and so Tues and Thurs will be a bit stressful with last lessons prior to S/G English and Maths but thereafter I will just have 1 student (2x/week) doing Int1 maths. I love teaching the older students, but I hate the pressure that goes hand in hand with the exams - it is in the students' hands but you do feel like your reputation counts on them.


The week started off well - Mon 1 hour gym and Tues 50 minutes Pilates, but then on Wed I just wanted to get a good stint of organising stuff for work ( which I did) and then had such an awful night on Wed that all I was able to do on Thurs morning was type up an essay for one of my students and rest before work. I had hoped to do something today but my calf is pretty sore and I'm feeling pretty exhausted. I may try and do my pilates later on but to be honest going back to work has been a bit of a shock to the system so we'll see!

Hungry Hippo!

I've been starving today - probably the lack of food yesterday - fortunately baby seems to be sitting a bit lower and I've been able to have a reasonably sized lunch - the first decent sized meal in ages! And as a bonus, so far, no heart burn as and after effect. I definitely go off and on food - the past couple of days I've been really having to force my self to eat, but like I say my lunch today was good!

Oh and I'm 31 weeks today - 9 weeks to due date - into single figures now - WOW!


  1. ahh that is annoying about the cramp! I am having them in my belly, like pressure/pushing where I cannot even walk at times! Also, I'm eating small meals all throughout. If I eat too much in one sitting I am totally stuffed out! (and it doesn't even seem like that much food!)

  2. Yeah - I hear you - honestly it was just so lovely to have a decent sized meal today and not feel ugh - I know what you mean - the portions are ridiculous - like I've had a gastric band fitted or something! I noticed that when I ate wearing my bra that it was worse so I'd have to take it off just to be able to consume a reasonable amount of calories!

    Belly cramps sound nasty - have you told your doc? I had a few sore tummy pains yesterday too, but I was just generally exhausted and battling to get through work.

    Take care,