Friday, April 16, 2010

30 weeks, Buggy + Birthday Trip

30 Weeks

Today I am 30 weeks - 3/4 of the way through! Yikes! I feel like I get bigger by the minute and definitely the nipper had a growth spell on Tuesday which may have accounted for some very restless nights with hunger and all sorts. I simply cannot imagine getting bigger - my belly even makes my boobs look small now - but as the baby still needs to at least double in size, grow I shall, I guess.

At least I'm starting to feel a little more prepared. we had our first antenatal class run by the NCT on Monday. There were 4 other couples, all first time parents, and it was good to know I wasn't the only one who had stood in a shop looking bewilderingly at the array of baby grows and thinking: 'which fricking size do I get?' Eventually I got 6 very cute sleep suits in the 0-3 month range which turned out to be the right size to get - yeah. I didn't realise I needed vests to go underneath them however, so I will need to get some of those. Apparently I need about 5-6 suits per day so I definitely need to get shopping!


When we got home from our trip away, our buggy had arrived. It is called The Out and About Nipper Sport and is so very cool. We built it up straight away and I then whizzed around the garden like a loon to off road test drive it!

Our car seat is on order and should arrive in the next day or so and we are heading up to our friend's to pick up the cot to day so bit by bit we are getting there and I definitely feel better than I did at the start of the Easter break.

Birthday Trip to Glencoe

Tuesday: 2 mile walk.
On Tuesday it was my birthday. The day started. with my parents coming for Birthday brunch which was lovely. We then got packed (well Al gave me one of the best birthday pressies ever and packed for us while I put my feet up!) and eventually we headed up the road to the Clachaig Inn. As we drove up the sun was burning through the clouds and by the time we reached the Inn it was beautifully sunny. We checked in and went to get a drink to take outside. unfortunately our room was boiling so I had foolishly changed into sunnier clothes; however, although sunny there was a chilly breeze as you can see as I cling onto Al's top for dear life!

The Clachaig

Chilly Breeze!

After our very refreshing drink we wanted to go for a wee wander to work up an appetite as Clachaig food is known for it's heartiness! We spotted a wee loop mentioned in the Inn's guidebook thing that looked ideal. It went up through forrest to what is called Signal Rock which was believed to be where beacons were burned during raids to warn clan members. Before even then it is believed to have been of spiritual value in worshiping Gods of that time. On the way back we spotted a very calm deer that was quite happy to have its photo taken. 50 mins later we were definitely ready for dinner.

Views on the way to Signal Rock

Last steps to get ontop of Signal Rock

Photo-happy Deer

Wednesday: 10 mile hike
We woke up the next day to wall to wall sunshine and blue skies which was perfect weather for a walk into Rannoch Mor from the the Glencoe Ski Centre. I have run this section before when training for the Fling last year and really wanted to go back as it was really stunning. The fab thing is that as it is part of the West Highland way it is great trail and this section has gentle climbs and descents or is flat. The views were simply breathtaking and it was so lovely to be out in amongst the snowtipped mountains.

View up Glen from Car Park

Nearly ready to go

Cracking Views!

Ba Bridge

We had thought we would aim for Ba Bridge and then turn around, but we made that in plently of time and weren't even hungry yet so wandered on for another we stretch. At 12.30pm I was starting to slow down and needed food so we found a great wee spot and had our picnic. No midges, warmth form the sun, a gentle breeze - awesome!

We had walked about 5 miles in and I felt that 10 miles was probably long enough especially as I had been getting tired before lunch. As it turned out though I was pretty perky on the way back - probably a mixture of putting on my belly belt and chatting to a couple fro Sheffield.

We got back to the Inn about 3.30pm - a perfect time for afternoon drink (soda and tea for me; nice Ales for Al - boy did those Ales look good!) while chilling out reading books.

Thursday: 5 mile hike
When we woke up it was blue skies again, but by the time we had had breaky it had clouded over. None the less we wanted to head out for another (shorter) walk as it was just so great being up North. We drove to Bridge of Orchy and headed out towards Inverroran Hotel. When we set off it was really quite chilly even though the sun was starting to come out. We had a brief Photo session at the 'summit' of the little pass (up and over - not anything major, but plenty for my big belly) and then headed down to Inveroran Hotel.

On the Way up

At the wee Cairn looking back over Rannoch Mor - where we had been the day before.

Coming Down to Inveroran Hotel

When we got down to the Hotel, Pregnant bladder took hold and as I was flagging a bit and needed some sugar and warming up, we investigated the walkers' bar. It was tiny, but served good coffee and various drinks.

After warming up and regaining some sugar we headed back to Bridge of Orchy. It was much easier going back than out thanks to my wee sugar boost and even better, the sun was really starting to warm up and by the time we got back to the Bridge of Orchy Hotel is was glorious, so we decided to have lunch at the hotel out on the verandah. It was so warm I was able to sit in t-shirt and it was the perfect end to a fantastic hol.

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