Friday, April 9, 2010

29 Weeks

29 Weeks + 5 mile run

Today I hit 29 weeks and I'm glad the first day of 29 weeks was better than the last of 28. I don't know what was up yesterday but I felt very odd altogether. It could have been the fatigue of the the term coming out, or the fact that we have been pretty busy getting baby and nursery stuff for the past few days, or it could have been the anti-D jag I had at my appointment on Tues or of course all 3 combined. I felt pretty whacked on Wed, but battled on through and helping Al with clearing and painting the nursery. I did think I felt a bit nauseous and by club time I decided that I would rest up and let Al go and have a good hard run with the guys. When I woke up yesterday I felt really grotty. Breakfast was close to making a reshow and I was just absolutely good for nothing so by the 12.40pm headed for bed. I woke after 4pm and only got up as I hoped it might help me to sleep through the night (It didn't) and spent the evening drifting off periodically until 9pm when bed beckoned once more.

I slept well until 12 and then spent the next few hours trying to cool myself down. I was so hot it started to freak me it I would be cooking the baby (it is amazing what you can freak out about in the middle of the night!) I eventually dropped off into a restless sleep about 3am.

Thankfully when I woke up this morning I felt a lot better. Breakfast stayed down and didn't give me heartburn so once digested and once the food shop had been delivered Al and I headed out for a run. From our house we can head past the golf course, but this is straight up hill, so we drove up past that section and started past the farm with the freaky sheep (these sheep have no necks and look mega aggressive - I swear they give you major evils as you run by). Anyway the 'run' was lovely as the views chop and change from rolling fields and hills out to jaggedy mountains in the distance beyond Comrie. I hadn't realised how undulating this road (I usually call it the flatter route!) is so it gave me plenty little walking breaks. On the way out I was thinking that it may be my last run as my ligaments form my womb felt a bit tight, but on the way back I had relaxed into it and so had my tummy. I will definitely be playing it by ear from now on though.

At the point where we turned around there was a HUGE bull, thankfully safely behind a fence, that Al insisted on taking a photo of. He then insisted on taking a photo of me - I hope not for comparison purposes! Ha ha!

Just so there are no smart comments or confusion:

The Bull

Me + Bump

We had fun painting the nursery this afternoon - note to self - don't buy the cheap B&Q paint in future as it requires 3 coats!. I focused on the wood work while Al continued with the walls. Tomorrow will just need the second coat of the woodwork and then we can start doing the fun bits like getting up the curtains etc - yeah!

I will just be playing Sat and Sun by ear and seeing how I'm feeling as I want to have enough energy to help Al with the decorating and on Sunday my friend Emily and her boys are coming for a visit. If nothing else pregnancy helps you to learn to be flexible!

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  1. I'm right at 4 weeks behind you! Any idea what you are having? So exciting. You are doing great! And look super cute. :) I don't know why your posts won't show in my reader! annoying.