Tuesday, April 6, 2010

28 Week Midwife Appointment

I had my 28 week appointment yesterday. As Al was off he was able to come with me which was really nice as he got to hear the wee nipper's heart beat which is just the best sound ever! I had blood taken and my Anti D jag yesterday too so I feel a bit like a pin cushion. The Anti D jag wasn't painful, but the blood was a wee bit nippy. I love how docs/nurses etc say, "just a wee scratch," and then proceed to stab you in a dagger like motion! Any hoo all was well (just need to get blood results back) but all things for yesterday's check ups were tickety boo!

After we had our appointment we headed for coffee (decaf) and cake at a lovely farm shop/cafe nearby as I needed some sustenance and a rest before tackling B&Q. We got all the paint we needed for the nursery and the hallway, a very cute lampshade with moons and stars on it, masking tape etc. The final thing we needed to get was a ladder for painting the hallway. Now you'd think this would be easy but was clearly presenting a conundrum to Al as I eventually had to sit on the patio furniture display as it was taking a while.

I know the baby doesn't need the hall to be painted, but we'd like to get up coat hooks and shoe racks in the hall so that getting in an out the front door is considerably easier. The entrance way is the only bug bare I have with the house. The front door opens into the hall and to get up the stairs you have to almost come into the living room so you can close the front door and then get up the stairs. So as you can imagine getting a pram in the front door will be a bit tricky if there are any shoes in the way (there tends to be at mo', as we have a rubbish shoe rack that all the shoes fall off).

Before we headed up to Perth, I did a 60 minute spin (27km) while watching Masterchef on the bbciplayer - Love Masterchef!


I seem to be having another wave of morning nausea. Breakfast hasn't been a great time for food throughout pregnancy, but it is really becoming a chore. Getting water down is a struggle too as it tends to give me heart burn, but I've found if I drink some juice (diluting elderflower) it at least keeps me hydrated and then gradually I can start supping water later in the day.

Anyhoo we (when I say we, I mean the Royal we and that is Al) have cleared the Nursery and are ready to start preping and painting. I'm being very good and am avoiding the heavy lifting and doing the sorting, so I can have enough energy to go to club tonight.

Plan for the Week

Wed: Club Run - Aim for 5 - 6 miles
Thurs: 50 minutes Pilates
Fri / Sat: Not sure which way round I'll do it, but hope for 50 mins Pilates + 1 hour cardio (hoping for run).


  1. 28weeks - wow! As for the heartburn I remember Jo drinking gallons and gallons of Gaviscon as Storm pushed her stomach into a smaller and smaller place. sounds like you're enjoying the whole experience though. Have you thought about one of those recumbent bike - where you can lie down and exercise at the same time.
    BTW - I don't think it is possible to get any other sort of shoe rack than the type where all the shoes fall off

  2. I still have nightmare about the heartburn. Gaviscon Double Action all the way! It's magic.

    Re comment on my blog. I have the lovely shiny new Garmin 310xt. Previously I used the 205. I've had five of them. Nothing to do with Garmin's dodgy manufacture and more to do with me me being rubbish at looking after things. I'm also on my fourth ipod.

    I'm not doing London anymore. Opted for the Fling.

    Glad to hear all is going well. Don't forget to post a picture of the nursery.

    Debs x