Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Loo Trips!

After doing the Fling last year I have followed John Knyston's blog and whenever he does an ultra he runs a 'guess my time competition'.

Well, with this inspiration in mind, up to the birth of my wee nipper, I think I might run a 'guess how many times in one night I can get up to the loo competition'. To help you out, the record in the past few nights has been 6 times. This means that I have less than 2 hours sleep at a time and I can tell you it is exhausting. My belly is getting so big that when I roll over to my right side it feels like someone has shoved a weighted medicine ball under my skin and is tugging at the skin as gravity takes hold! Ha ha - Oh the elegance!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Al thinks that just after I have had a really tired day, the baby grows. Well I think he is really onto something. I was exhausted on Sunday. I thought perhaps I had tired myself out on our hike cheering on runners at the Fling in the sun, or that work had knocked me out last week. Perhaps they were factors too, but my belly has definitely had another growth spurt so...

I must say I'm not very good on the days when I'm really tired. I feel guilty for not getting things done, but it would take me twice as long to do any of the jobs and I'd be knackered the next day too. I am writing this to try and remind myself just to give myself a break when I feel like that and just put my feet up and enjoy the opportunity.

Anyway, just to prove a point, despite getting up 6 times to the loo, I felt rejuvenated enough yesterday morning to get out for a hike yesterday, get 3 things done off my work to do list, do a whole heap of chores and cook dinner!

Exercise Plan - here's hoping I'm more successful in fulfilling the plan this week!

Monday: 5 mile hike - Taylor Park, round knock and back - done

Tuesday: 50 minute Pilates

Thursday: 1 hour cardio - either gym or swim
Friday: 50 minutes Pilates
Saturday: 1 hour cardio
- I think I may try a run as the club are doing reps and I can puff along near them. I'm not sure if I can still run and if it is too uncomfortable I will call it a day until after wee one is born, but if It is OK it would be nice to keep my legs in touch with the motion as much as poss.


  1. I'll put a vote in for 12 times in one night!

    Not sure if you have one, but you can get a foam wedge [looks like a big piece of cheese] to help support your bump when you are on your side. Jo had one and it seemed to help a good bit

  2. I think you are having a boy. I'll let you know my record when I'm 31 weeks.