Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to Work - Boo!


I start back to work today and I can quite happily say that I could see it far enough! I just keep thinking 6 weeks, 6 weeks! I don't think I would be as down about it except in that 6 weeks I know I'm going to be under pressure and I just don't relish that feeling at all. Not to worry, when I go in today I am going to sit and make a list for the next 6 weeks and then just as calmly as possible tick each job off. Well that is the plan, but I definitely work better the calmer I stay so I'll just think of it as practise for staying calm in labour!


Last week was an excellent exercise week. I did the following:

Mon: 1 hour swim: 2000m equivalent to 5miles.
Tue: 50 minute walk - about 2 miles
Wed: 4 hour walk - 10 miles
Thurs: 2 hour walk - 5 miles
Sat: 50 minutes Pilates

So 22 miles and 1 Pilates session!

This week has started off well too as I went to mum's gym yesterday and did an hour's (equivalent to 5 miles) workout:
5 min treadmill walk
15 min Xtrainer
10 min arm bike
10 min bike
15 min XT
5 min treadmill walk

I love the XT - feels like running, but isn't as impacting. I would have done more on the XT, but I forgot my belly support and so needed to add in sitting things so I didn't get too sore.

My plan for the week is as follows:
Tues - 50 mins Pilates ( Some of the Core exercises are getting quite hard now and I have to use quite a number of pillows)
Wed - 1 hour cardio - prob spinning bike
Fri - 50 minutes Pilates
Sat - Cardio - not sure what yet - poss a run (1 hour) or a hike.

Antenatal Classes

We had our 2nd NCT class last night. It was really good. Both Al and I enjoyed it more than last week - of course getting a massage will always help to make things more enjoyable! But going through the stages of birth was really good too and in a complete sportsman like mind it was good to realise that Adrenaline slows down the Oxytocin and Endorphins so staying calm is very important. Al said he could visibly see me thinking: 'OK, so it's all about keeping relaxed to improve your performance!' Hee hee!

We have another antenatal class on Wed, but this one is an NHS one in Crieff. We are hoping that we will get to meet other young families in the area - so let's hope that happens. Another good thing about the class is that I have had to get cover for work so I will be able to work from home completely undisturbed during the day.

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