Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Harris is 2 Weeks Old

I can't believe Harris is 2 week. Time with a newborn both flies and elongates - the latter mainly because you are up feeding half the night!

The midwife came out on Monday to weigh Harris and he weighed 7lbs 6oz, so had gained 5oz in a week and is already 4oz above his birth weight. What a clever boy!

We had a really rough Sunday. Saturday night Harris fed 5 times and I struggled to resettle him and it continued into Sunday. He slept for 3 hours max between 7am and 9pm! Wow and did he cry! Bless him, he had terrible wind plus it turns out from the midwife coming yesterday that his nipples had become engorged. Poor wee soul. Apparently it is a result of withdrawal from your hormones and can take a few weeks to subside, but can upset them a bit. I thought we were in for a hell of a night, but by some miracle he did settle (thanks infacol) and only need fed at 12.45, 4 and 7. Miracle. He was a lot better yesterday,  but still a little windy, but he's been a bit unsettled again today. Thankfully Al took him for a walk in the buggy and he slept as did I as Murray was at nursery this am. The afternoon wasn't bad but the evening was rough and Al had to do the cliche of driving Harris around to get him to drop off and let me go to bed. He has been really good today though, which has really helped me to recharge the batteries.

Murray has settled down a lot and has been super excited when we have all got out as a family. On Sat we got to the soft play area just up the road for an hour. His face was full of smiles and he kept saying: 'baby Harris in the car, mummy in front'. I asked him if he was excited and he replied: 'Yeah! Yeah! Too cute! Then yesterday we got out to the playroom at the Hydro and he was so happy again. He has also asked to cuddle Harris a couple of times. Too lovely and both moments needed to be captured by photo. Yesterday he also said, Harris is my brother. So sweet.

First Brotherly Cuddle

Another Cuddle

Al's paternity finished today, but thankfully he also has two weeks holiday as there is no way I'd be able to cope without him yet. If it was just Harris, possibly, although it would be pretty hard work, and I wouldn't be able to drive anywhere, but with Murray to run around after, there is no way. I get v tired by the afternoon and sore, plus I couldn't lift Murray at all.

To celebrate Harris' 2 week birthday we all went to Toddlers this am for the Halloween party. Murray went as a Sheriff, while Harris was a pumpkin. Both boys are just so cute.

Murray, The Sheriff of Muthill!

Pumpkin Harris

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