Friday, November 9, 2012

Harris' 3 Week Weight

Harris was weighed yesterday at 3 weeks and 1 day and is now 8lbs 8oz. He gained 11oz in a week - no wonder I'm shattered! I genuinely feel like I'm being sucked away! We've transitioned from 1 to both breasts at every feed, so if he wants on really close together, it is tough going.

I must admit I am really looking fwd to getting more than 2 or sometimes 3 hours of kip at a time. Perhaps once we are fully established, Al can give him a bottle at night so I can get a longer sleep at some point. I am tired and I can only imagine how more tired I'm going to be once Al goes back to work and I have to cope with both boys on my own!

I am really looking fwd to wearing non maternity clothes or track pants. I'm quite swollen above my scar so can't wear normal trousers yet as it is too sore. The scar is healing well though so it'll happen in time.

I have fed Harris out and about 3 times now - can't say I'm terribly discrete, but it can only get better surely?

It has been a v tiring few days as apart from 1 block at night feeds have been 2 hours (from start of feed) apart or less, but today I've had 1 block of 3.5 and another of 2.5 hours and so have actually got a chance to rest.

Not wishing time away, but looking fwd to being able to get into an evening bedtime routine as I definitely miss my evenings.

Al is off Mon and Tues and then back to work on Wed - yikes! We've got Toddlers in the village in the am and a friend is visiting in the pm. On the Thursday I've already lined up meeting with friends in the village in the am and hopefully my dad can visit in the pm and then mum's coming to help out on Friday and then it will just be another 12 days until I can drive and hopefully get back to swimming and a bit more of normal life.

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