Friday, October 26, 2012

First Week at Home.

My first week (well 5 days) at home have been pretty exhausting. Murray has been pretty challenging swinging between being desperate to crawl all over me and naughty behaviour. It's been quite upsetting to see him upset and also to not be able to lift him whenever he's wanted a cuddle. That said, I was able to do his story time last night and he has been much more settled today, so fingers crossed that continues. I think the more I'm able to do the less wobbly he'll feel, but I must be careful as I have a bit of swelling above my scar again (coupled with pretty rough pain) that came back last night after being pretty flat, so steady, steady.

The midwife weighed Harris on day 5 and he had only lost 1oz so he (and me) are doing really well with breast feeding. When she came out today she was going to re-weigh him, but she decided not to dishcharge me and let my normal midwife who has been on hol come out on Monday to see me and weigh Harris then. I'm looking forward to finding out f he has gained - certainly from the amount of feeds, he should do.

The first couple of nights home were a bit rough with cluster feeding, but the past 3 have been perfectly acceptable for this stage - I go to bed about 9 - 10 ish and Al brings Harris through for a feed about 11.30 - midnight ish. Then another feed between about half 2 and 3 and then another between half 5 and 6. Then Murray is up so it is breakfast for him and me and before I know it another feed. During the day Harris will swing between feeds 1.5, 2 and 3 hours apart depending on whether he sleeps or is awake between feeds.

The night before his 1 week old birthday, we gave Harris his first bath at home.

This evening activity seemed to help him sleep so we've been getting him awake every evening either with a bath or mat time. It is so lovely when he opens his eyes.

Today I managed to venture out of the house to the cafe over the road for hot choc and lunch. It was lovely to take Harris out and helped me to feel a bit more confident about getting out with Murray soon (he was at nursery this am). I was shattered after though and crashed out for an hour so must keep that in mind if going out.

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  1. Gosh, you forget quickly how small they are. He's gorgeous though.