Thursday, October 11, 2012

38 Weeks - comparison pics!

So I took my last pregnancy pics with Murray a couple of days shy of 38 weeks.

The second set of photos with babba 2 were taken at 38 weeks + 2days.

Murray Pics

Babba #2 Pics

I reckon I'm lower and further out front, but poss not as wide???? Perhaps it is just perspective. All I know is my poor wee belly button has actually turned right the way out and hurts! 

I am ready to be done. I saw the midwife yesterday and she told me not to go too far afield as I was 3/5ths engaged. I am almost waddling (really trying to engage 'abs' to prevent myself) but baby's head is def v v low and it is getting pretty hard not to just want to move about on all 4s! LOL! 

It is HARD going with a toddler - at this stage last time I could just sit down if I wanted to, but Murray is not terribly understanding of that (although he does come up to me now and rub my back while saying, 'rub it better for mummy' -awwwww too cute) so toddler classes etc still have to be attended. 

Mum and dad have been fab and dad rescued me today and let me get a sleep this pm as I had only managed 3 hours last night thanks to some pretty rough Braxtons that had me thinking perhaps the time had come, but did ease off. Trouble is by that stage I could not get back to sleep until some time after 5am. Rough!

I am looking forward to meeting baby now though, this space so to speak.


  1. I just can't imagine how you're coping with a toddler and a bump. Hats off to you. You look amazing. Looks lower to me too. Hope this last couple of weeks pass quickly for you.

  2. Wow! You are so far along, that went so quickly (since it was not me). Thinking a good thought for you! xo

  3. You look fabulous!!! I'll be watching for the good news :-) xx