Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Murray's First Big Boy Haircut At The Hairdressers.

Today I took Murray to get his first proper haircut at the hairdressers. Up until now I've just done it myself, for fear of him losing both ears and the hairdresser losing all her fingers! This has been fine as he has just needed trimming around the ears, the neck and at the front of his 'fringe', but recently it has really thickened up and has started to resemble a mushroom exploding from his head.

I know I don't have the required skills to thin it out and layer it so, today I dropped into my hairdressers after we had been to a kiddie exercise class complete with bouncy castle that had him burning off energy for an hour and asked if they could cut his hair. Fortunately they could and he was actually really good.

At first I think he stayed rooted in the seat out of fear as his wee eyes were locked onto mine and a bit wide eyed, but gradually he relaxed and loved blowing the cut hair off his gown! He did really well and he looks so gorgeous and grown up! He got a special cake for after lunch for being such a good boy!

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