Thursday, October 4, 2012

37 weeks

37 Weeks has arrived.

Not much to report except time seems to have slowed down - especially night which is a 1 - 2 hourly round of sleep, get up for the loo, sleep, move to the sofa and try to get a little more sleep in between more of Murray waking up.

As of today he is now on a 1 hour nap time. Boy was he tired this afternoon - fingers crossed, it helps the night time rubbish. He actually slept until 7 on Tuesday and as I managed a decent sleep until 6 I felt almost human for the first time in ages!

My bags are packed; the freezer is full of meals for post birth for all of us and for Murray while I'm in hospital; the house has been scrubbed; the car has even been scrubbed, so now it is just plodding through each day and enjoying time with the Murray munchkin' until the big day arrives.

I'm pretty sure I took my last photos with Murray at 38 weeks so assuming I am still with enormous bump I will take my last set of comparison pics next week. I find it quite amazing how big my stomach can get!

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