Wednesday, September 26, 2012

36 Weeks....+ Photos of Murray

Boy am I uncomfortable today. My stomach is brick hard and constricting so it is really hard work to breathe. And soooo low. The baby is really enjoying bouncing on a nerve on my right hand side of my groin which sends shooting pains down my leg that makes me jump like I've been stuck with a cattle prod and grab at the back of my leg in the process. It is yell out loud sore which of course brings attention to the fact that you are grabbing at what looks like your ass while darting forward. So sore! The baby is so low that my left leg just feels fairly permanently numb - oooh the joys!

We are a v sleep deprived household at mo too. M is waking really early (4 or 5 regularly) and just will not go back to sleep and insists on singing at the top of his voice and crashing about in his cot so loudly, that it sounds like he's about to come through the roof. Al doesn't hear much of this, but is getting up when I ask him to see to Murray, so he's knackered and I manage about 1 -1 .5 hours of sleep between pees and then Murray starts and it is game over. I de-camped to the sofa last night and actually got a block of 3 hours which felt like magic! I'm pretty sure Murray needs to ditch the nap but I can't face doing that at mo and I know he'll be shattered in the pm. Was speaking to a mum of 3 at toddlers today and her son is 1 month younger than M and she lets him sleep 30 mins then lifts him and they cuddle on the sofa to let him come round and that tops him up but lets him sleep at night, so I think once baby comes that may be the way forward.

Last week I got swimming Wed and Sat (90 lengths). I had hoped to go Monday, but between being absolutely shattered and fighting a scratchy throat, I've postponed until tomorrow and I'll go at the weekend too. It's a bit disappointing to be only able to do 2 times, but I guess that's just the way it is. I'll continue to aim for 3 and see how we go.

My sister and I went for a massage at the weekend. It was absolute BLISS to be pampered and to get some mummy time off. It was also really lovely to catch up with my sis before baby 2 arrives. She stayed over so Murray really enjoyed getting to play with Aunty 'elen.

 Fingers crossed the next few weeks pass relatively swiftly, but I suspect they will slow down further.

I like to go to the park on my trike

Honestly, Murray doesn't get a lot of TV, but he can just look so cute (and still) when he does, that it is nice to take some pics!
Chilling, watching Thomas the Tank

I can fit in the buggy for the doll - honest mummy - it's a great spot for watching some TV

Cosy, cosy, in mummy's sleeping bag

Crazy morning hair!

Helping mummy with making Pizza. He was such a big help and they were yummy!

Sleepy in mummy's bed. It's v comfy as she needs sooo many pillows just now!

I'm v cute!

My first Sunflower grown from seed

In my flying goggles (mummy's swimmng goggles)

What a cracker!

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