Friday, February 4, 2011

Becoming a working Mum and Weaning Progress.

Returning to Work.

On Wed I had my first return to work day. I am very glad we had planned for Al to take the day off to look after the wee dude as it meant I could get ready for work without to try and feed Murray and could get showered in peace. I think I'll ask mum to come up a bit before I need to leave next week so I can get a shower and changed far more quickly. Also with it being Al looking after him I didn't need to explain too much and didn't need to worry about him not taking a feed. I think it will be harder next week because of that. It was good to see my old students and meet new ones. Also my Wednesday staff are really good fun so that was fun to see them. To be honest it all felt a bit surreal and I don't think I really felt like I was at work. I kind of felt like I was just in for that day and not again! Maybe it'll sink in a bit more next week. That being said, it must be sinking in a bit, as Al has requested to work from home part of the week and I phoned to view a nursery next week! OOOOOOOH so sad the thought of leaving him! Phasing back in is definitely a good way for me to do this process. At least I remembered how to teach! LOL!


For the past week I've just been giving Murray finger food 'a la' Baby led weaning technique as he would happily put food into his mouth if he was in control. He wasn't eating anything except for the odd thing that must have gone down judging from the choking going on! What it did let me do was 'spoon' food into his mouth with his finger food a let him get used to the texture and I think a little bit of swallowing was gradually going on. Anyway we have definitely had progress as the past few days he has swallowed a reasonable amount. He's still a bit funny with the spoon as he likes to teeth on it, but I've found if I let him do that and then move it into the middle of his mouth he will eat it and today we even had a few proper mouth openings! Keep going Murray - you're doing fab! I'll keep up with finger food in conjunction with the smoother food, as hopefully then he will transfer to lumpier food and finger food without the difficulties he has had from milk to purees.


We had swimming again today and despite swallowing a big glug of water which made him gag and throw up some milk (sooo glad the whole feed did not follow and that I managed to get him out of the pool so the other babies weren't swimming in throw up) he really enjoyed it again. He actually started smiling and giggling when I lay him down on the change table in the cubicle so I'm pretty sure he knew what was coming. He didn't do so well on his back today but as he had just thrown up a little I think he just wanted a wee cuddle so that's what he got!

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