Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting good at sitting!

Sitting + Tummy Time

Murray is sitting really well now and if I put a u-shaped pillow behind him I can leave him to play like that because if he does wobble back it is a safe landing. Today I watched him topple and the pull himself back up to sitting! Go Murray! He still dislikes tummy time but I'm putting things out for him to reach and make a big deal when he gets it which he loves. I've noticed from swimming that he does need to get a bit stronger in the neck so he can lift his head out of the water while getting flatter in the water. He is a scream when I 'float' him on his back as his legs point straight up out of the water at 90 degrees to body! So funny - it is not his favourite position. he loves everything else though!

Yesterday, while Al was out for a run I took Murray for a walk in the backpack. That is hard work! I reckon with all his bottle paraphernalia + winter clothes it was at least 20lbs on my back! We had a lovely walk up to the Deil's Cauldron (a waterfall) which was really full after recent rains. On the way back I thought - 'hmmm, all is rather quiet back there' and when I looked in my mobile phone (I can use it like a rear view mirror) I could see he was fast asleep so I took a photo as he was just so cute!

I'm off to view a potential nursery tomorrow. I hope I like it!