Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Full Week of Maternity!

This is my last full week of maternity leave - Yikes! I wish I could say I can't wait to start back at work, but I can not. I can't bare the thought of not being with my wee dude. I love being a full time mummy. It is incredibly demanding and some days are really tough (they usually involve teething and vomit) but they pale into insignificance when you go to a swimming class and Murray is all smiles or you play 'splish splash' in the bath and he almost splits a rib he belly laughs so hard, or he sits for the first time, or, or, or - there are just so many amazing moments and I don't want to miss any of them.

Anyway I start easing back to work with just 1 day a week for then next 6 weeks and then there are just 3 weeks to the Easter break so it shouldn't be too tough at first. I'm really glad I'm doing it this way as it means both Murray and I can get used to it. I think the hardest thing is going to be the tiredness. At the mo' I regularly go to bed by 9 (the past 2 I've been in bed by 8.30pm - I know I'm a total saddo) but when I'm at work I finish teaching at 8.30pm and often don't get away until 9.30pm so don't get home until 10.30pm. OMG! I will be zombie!


I had hoped that by staying off until end of Jan I would have Murray's weaning well under way, but unfortunately Murray has other ideas about this. He just does not want to eat solids. I can usually get 1 or 2 teaspoons in and after that he simply clamps his mouth shut and will have none of it. I've tried fruits, veggies, rice, porridge, runny, thick, on a spoon, on a finger. The best I get is by letting him hold the spoon, but all he really wants to do is teeth with it!!! I tried bread and bread stick today on the advice of my health visitor and although he thoroughly enjoyed gnawing on it, when it came to swallowing he choked big time. I was so glad my mum was here as she promptly told me to tip him upside down and whack his back which did the trick, but it was horrible!!!!!

I was reading a book the other day that said that many babies with reflux do have problems starting solids. Some are fine and it solves their problems but others have  negative association with feeding and this transfers to solids. It definitely makes sense, but I really wonder how we are going to get past this. This is another good reason for phasing back to work slowly as hopefully in the next 6 weeks we will have made significant progress.


Murray and I went to a swimming class together for the first time last week. We both really enjoyed it and can't wait for our class this week. The teacher was excellent and gave me loads of confidence.


Over the past few weeks I have hit my 24 - 30 mile target, but none of it has been through running. It has all been via spinning and gym work. I can't say I'm overly enthusiastic about it, but at least my fitness has been progressing / staying with me until things can be worked out.

I'm enjoying my Pilates a lot and really love the DVD Al got me for my Christmas.

The snow has all melted now and I must say it has been great to get out for a few walks with Murray in the buggy to get us both some time in the fresh air and trails. It definitely helps with keeping me positive which to be honest is getting progressively harder and harder to do. I know I am the luckiest mummy alive to have such a beautiful baby,  but it did come at quite a cost to my body and I am definitely having problems coming to terms with that. I'm really hoping over time, things will get better and some questions will be answered. In the mean time I've entered the Ben Nevis race (hopefully I'll get a place) and just hope and pray that come September I can toe up on the start line and thrash my lungs and legs belting up and down that fabby mountain. Lots of positive vibes my way please!

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  1. I love it that you get to ease back into it ! Good luck with the start back and the weaning/feeding. Glad you are getting in some miles and able to stay active!